2014 Guangzhou Cultural Festival – sports stars portrait photo exhibition

Content abstract: 2014 World’s best sports star art photography exhibition, 2014 American entertainment sports program TV network “ESPN”The magazine invited world-class sports men and women shooting star sexy photo shoot and published in the annual special body, including tennis champion won 5 times champion Venus Williams, 18Olympic gold medalist, swimmer Phelps, rugby star Lynch, league’s youngest softball player, field thunder, Ibaka, ski champion Anderson, and so on. Each of them has his own sexy style, showing the unique charm of sports! The photo album made a stir in the sports world and even in the world. 30 of them are selected from the China network news center. <img src=" /report3/uploadfile/201411/ 20141111102008641.jpg" border=" 0 Male real doll—Molly

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