2015 Brisbane, Australia – live events

Apple official sent invitations to the media, confirmed that the new conference will be held on September 9th. And in all ages waiting to see iPhone6S and iPhone6S plus of the true face of Mount Lu, and a number of authoritative powder big V in micro-blog broke Mengliao amazing — “September 9th will be released simultaneously apple condoms”! @ before the global iPhone website in micro-blog claimed that, according to reliable sources, Apple’s September 9th Conference on the same day, there will be a bright blind, most of the new Apple released a condom beyond all expectations!!! It is said that only 0.3mm thick!” This micro-blog out, immediately triggered many netizens attention, many netizens said they could not believe! Micro-blog account for mobile phone users @ iPhone channel also issued a similar message, and wrote: “while no detailed parameters of exposure, but analysts believe that Apple will likely meet people all condoms imagine on condoms, including iPhone

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