2016 adult show in Sydney, Australia – Cosplay show

Abstract: there are still some adults, talk about the topic is still very shy, but with the popularity of sex education, more and more adults began to understand the adult supplies. Here to talk about the majority of young people on the adult supplies, a little understanding of sex. More and more people use sex toys, 27.1% people on life satisfaction, although most people understand that “men and women should enjoy the same sex life”, but according to the survey, only 27.1% of people China women on their sex lives are very satisfied, 42.1% people, 30.8% people feel satisfied satisfied or very satisfied. That is to say, in the fight for “sex” on the road, women still have a long way to go…… So the use of adult supplies it? Can adult products change the status quo? Written sex health care, adult supplies, sex shops in the city on the growing variety up. 0″ to buy 5 key Adult supplies: A: Adult supplies of famous brand is the key first at the time of purchase to buy brand products, such as: NMC, love, beauty, Xia Qi Tupper, product manufacturers such as entity doll, quality is also very good, imitation products do not covet cheap to buy small manufacturers or unscrupulous manufacturers, so as not to affect your health. Attention: genuine legal brand enterprises in the production of brand products, usually the product packaging has the brand logo, one company’s products with the verification code, the company customer service and genuine jizhimei service card and so on, to ensure genuine quality, the raw material is a national inspection of genuine non-toxic materials, workmanship is very good, feel smooth, but also durable! Refuse to imitation: that is, inferior products of small manufacturers or illegal manufacturers, imitation packaging and genuine packaging box pattern is almost the same, the difference is not the brand logo, the workmanship is very rough, does not feel good, the raw materials used in the production of finished products is no more security, short service life. Two: buy material is important to consumers in the purchase of goods can taste, do not blindly seek stimulation, while ignoring the important material, or if the cause broken, stuck, or falling in the vagina and other events, it is the lost wife of another soldier. For example, with feathers or small beads of the penis rings, it is easy to occur in the penis pumping, feathers or small beads off in vagina; while the penis rings used for too long, can also lead to cell necrosis. Three: to understand the function of adult products must buy their own, can consult with the owner, this time do not shy you want a what kind of activities, can speak your mind, let the shopkeeper to introduce you, are not familiar with don’t judge for yourself. Four: cleaning and hygiene should pay attention due to the majority of adult products will directly contact with sexual organs, so in terms of cleaning and hygiene, need to be extra careful. If not the throwaway taste of goods, should be in after each use, clean; and live mold for masturbation, but also the best collocation of condom use. In addition, many people are in favor of the real doll, don’t because the price is expensive, more funds share, because in the event of bacterial body, lead to more serious diseases, it is The loss outweighs the gain.! Lingerie women for all kinds of life dolls

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