2016 Asia Adult Expo (Hongkong) Exhibition Enterprises

Editor’s note: now you should know that Tmall and Taobao are not too good to do, the competition between platforms is more and more big, the competition is more and more big, want to succeed must make fewer mistakes, so today is summarized with you some lead to Taobao operation failed twenty mistake, I hope to give you a a wake-up call! First, the problem is not a flow of drainage does not come in, is to draw people who are not interested in your products, accurate drainage is the key. Two, DSR question why the drainage is accurate, the conversion rate is so low? Because your DSR is too low to affect customers’ buying confidence, and then affect the inflow of natural flow. Three, the product is not in line with the issue of the market is not in line with the market, or product positioning errors, too high or too low. Four, promote the graph problem pictures are not attracted to ask, who will buy you things. Five, the home page and page for details of the monotony of the problem of plagiarism, no innovative details page or home page and content, and the product does not match the product parameters, no shortage, selling out such problems will affect your product sales, because the first impression is very important. Six, product evaluation should be observed in a timely manner in your product evaluation and additional evaluation, and customer interaction, and timely response to follow the trend of disk control is very accurate. Seven, timely new products have an up-to-date shop is equal to a pool of stagnant water flow is not new. Eight, there is no right to set the right coupons for 99% of the buyers are small and cheap, what a discount, full less, send coupons, they will trigger a desire to buy. Nine, the active node has no activity for a long time, the buyer can not see it, because it is the problem, small and cheap. Ten, CRM maintenance is well known, a healthy shop is new customers and old customers, so for the maintenance of members is very important. Eleven, customer service customer service on the product is understood, is the sales and negotiation skills, thinking, etc., will affect your sales. Twelve, customer service long-term customer returns no refunds, contempt of behavior will lead to the store is not standard, serious affects the development and activity of registration, purchase confidence and natural flow etc.. Thirteen, with a good set of related sales is the main means to improve customer unit price. Fourteen, the implementation of the problem of shop problems have been found, but the delay does not deal with, this is equal to the problem to find out, equal to the complexity of the problem, but also a waste of manpower and material resources. Fifteen, opinionated opinionated photographers and designers, with their own aesthetic and so-called experience to adhere to some no need to insist on perseverance, do not listen to other people’s opinions and operation, to know the operation of hand and some data, you have the experience with no reality whatever. Sixteen, promote the error that can be obtained with high PPC conversion, harass the people and waste money. Seventeen, competitors do not understand the blind comparison of competitors, leading to serious errors in the direction of operation. Eighteen, smart think electronic business platform is the clearance of the place, also refused to discount a high price, you know you are very smart sellers, consumers are more intelligent than you. Nineteen, the lack of insist on doing things that can be done once and for all, the lack of adherence. Twenty, did not reflect on their own shops are not good, do not reflect, do not accept the change. Summing up the above experience tells us that a successful shop is not because you have a very good product is enough, but if you can put these complicated and meticulous work, otherwise, the analysis is again good, good planning in vain, if you are ready, success is not far away from you. nurse lure entity doll Koike high fidelity mute whole entity sex

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