2016 Chicago adult exhibition eXXXotica exhibition company

Abstract: by indulging in online games, a 25 year old boy in Jining Chen Dong under the guidance of friends to the street vending Adult supplies store “money”, just a few months with a theft even stole more than and 30 Adult supplies store. Recently, different wonderful thief Chen Dong Rencheng District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest. The experience of 0″ obsessed with online games on hand tight after some find “money” to Chen Dong remember a few months ago with a friend Li Qu play the game machine, no money, no play.” Lost one thousand Yuan Li Qu enough regret and angry face in the game machine, brief thinking turned to Chen Dong and said: “go! I like to borrow some money, go back again.” “What are you looking for friends to borrow money?” Asked Chen Dongyi in doubt. “You do not go!” Li Quyi, vice “walking in the arena” of self-confidence, pull up Chen Dong, riding a motorcycle quickly came to the game room not far from a shop in front of an adult shop. Lee ditch let Chen Dong in the road watching motorcycle, wearing sunglasses, walked into the shop to borrow money. Just ten minutes later, Li canal from the store in good out of a bandbox, waved his hand to Chen Dong, riding a motorcycle back to the game room to just stop the game. This time to borrow money, there is no fixed income Chen Dong left a few questions: Although he did not enter into the store to see, but at that time, Li Qujin is clearly a vending of Adult supplies stores, which really be his friend? After Li Qu who borrowed money from the game room in, how there will be a lot of different denominations of coins? A few days later, Chen Dong solved the question and learned about Li Qu’s unusual ability. At that time, and together they drove Li Qu’s car out of work, see the car has a shape and a screwdriver so long, there are strange tools several teeth, Chen Dong put it in the pocket clothes home. He knew from the Internet search, which turns out to be a dedicated to unlocking tool. Then he vaguely recalled, a few months ago that time to go to the shop to borrow money, Lee canal also quietly with this strange thing. “Now, many people still feel shy to work in just ways using Adult supplies, so enter the store are scarce; even if the owner installed monitoring, as long as we simply pretend that was shot down is not easy to be recognized.” Then listen to Li Qu’s explanation pointing, Chen Dong know, enlightened, slowly on the way to the money on the road. For the convenience of operation, Chen Donghua more than and 200 dollars from the Internet to buy a set of Adult supplies vending machine tools for unlocking, prepared a set of sportswear, sunglasses, a hat and a mask peaked cap. Wear this outfit, really is “walking dead” fan. 0″ Crazy “money” was eventually arrested. Said, in November last year, Chen Dong had a health food vending hall target at Xinhua Road in Jining city. Chen Dong will go an entire wardrobe tidy, with “weapon”, while none of the machines entered the shop open vending machine. This shot, he stole tens of yuan, the largest denomination is fifty yuan, ten yuan and twenty yuan have. Although the money is not much, but for him, it is to find a kind of money easy and fast mode of “money”. Experience, Chen Dong “borrow” technology matures, he felt that the vending Adult supplies store money as easy as simple. Busy time, he even like Shouqiu, channeling end road east to “lend” after the home and into the west of a 100 yuan, 1000 yuan is not too few, not afraid, prowling awfully. Chen Dong’s non-stop large downtown Jining home to 10 vending Adult supplies stores soon was “borrowed” again. Chen Dong tasted the sweetness of the sights of Jining area of Yanzhou, Jinxiang and Qufu, Wenshang County Adult supplies store. He dressed in sportswear, sunglasses, carrying peaked cap and masks the whole set of equipment, with a special lock “weapon”, began to “explore the surrounding counties business trip. According to Chen Dong later confessed, in these places, he has to more than 10 adult stores no one started. In the crazy money at the same time, looking at all without pay “commodities”, Chen Dong also often try to take back a few pieces of goods, pilfering. There are times in Yanzhou a vending Adult supplies store burglary, he stole two boxes of condoms, the above price is not a box of ten pieces is fifteen, and a box of “Viagra”, above the price is twenty dollars. To Jining around the sale of adult supplies shop to borrow money to bring income, and did not let Chen Dong feel satisfied, he even used to buy things in Dezhou, the opportunity to steal the 8 stores there. No one is selling adult products store stolen information to the public security organs have been brought together. In February this year, has been walking in the arena for many days Chen Dong was arrested by public security organs, after preliminary investigation, Chen Dong opened the shop Adult supplies using special tools to unlock the vending machine, has stolen cash four thousand or five thousand yuan, otherwise Adult supplies several. After appearing in court on Chen Dong confessed to the crime of theft, 20

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