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Note: if the human body and warm underwear to meet the material needs, sexy underwear is greatly enriched the spiritual life of humanity. However, although our thoughts and ideas have changed, but still can not avoid talking about sex, shy and pretending shy women always avoid underwear and lingerie topic, popular Internet open platform to buy it and discuss them. Increasingly large underwear electricity supplier market hidden many small secrets ~!While facing the bottleneck in the development of the underwear market, the electricity supplier market has expanded all the way. The lingerie consumer trends report, produced by the first financial business data center (CBNData), shows that Taobao and Tmall’s lingerie categories have grown steadily year by year.Through such a huge market, Ali big data found a lot of real life invisible underwear secret. For example, the majority of underwear color in black, women buy Lingerie more active, aunt buying sexy underwear proportion surge. 0″Secret 1: Black 3/4 cup is the mainstreamIf a boy has a whim to buy a bra for his lover, it is better to do enough homework before. If you don’t know your spouse’s preferences, you can only follow the crowd and look at the data report. Ali big data show, black bra best selling, followed by flesh. Warm red and pink in the later sexy blue in the Top5 list. If you go beyond these colors, chances are you’ll bury yourself.But bras are far more complex than men’s perceptions of clothing. In addition to the color, fabric, but also pay attention to the style of the cup, bra function, the number of hasp, and whether the steel ring.Secret 2: Women grasp the initiative of sexy lingerieIn sexy lingerie, men always have to be proactive, after all, women tend to be more shy.However, this phenomenon reversed in 2015:Between 2014 and 2015, the number of online sex lingerie buyers increased with female users, buying even more than men, becoming the main consumer group of sexy lingerie.Thus, women are becoming more and more active in both men and women.Secret 3: middle-aged and elderly online shopping sexy underwear biggest increaseBig data conclusions often confirm the mainstream perception of society. For example, big data shows, the proportion of people buying sexy lingerie increases at the age of 28. After all, youth, energy, passion, that’s understandable.But the conclusions of big data sometimes impact people’s innate understanding. For example, 51-70 year olds online shopping interest underwear increased the proportion of the largest. DT Jun guess, this is the physiological needs of middle-aged and elderly groups, through online shopping to be released, coruscate second spring.The contrast between the innate knowledge and the big data conclusions also reflects the lack of love for the elderly in the community, making the group’s nature suppressed for a long time.It is also noteworthy that the proportion of sexy lingerie purchases among 36-50 year olds has fallen sharply. Is this just in response to the two child policy that just opened up?Secret 4: Shanghai taste consumption was secondRegional distribution of sexy underwear purchased from Guangdong, Shantou beat Shanghai, as the most fun city at the top of the throne, petty bourgeoisie style Shanghai second place.Followed by Shandong, Zibo, Beijing is located in fourth, and the fifth is Zhejiang, Quzhou.Mr. DT is curious. Why isn’t there Top5 in Dongguan?Secret 5: in addition to sexy underwear, as well as sports underwearIn addition to increased interest in lingerie sales, sports underwear has also been favored. Fitness has become a big choice for girls to stay in shape, while sales of sweaty and vest based sports underwear have risen significantly.At night, wearing a headset, for absorbing sweat, sports underwear vest, no ring, out run five kilometers, on the occasion of a fully and delightfully screenshot circle of friends, to ten WeChat won the top window today. Looked down at the increasingly obvious vest line, smiled and switched off the screen that occupied the cover of twenty friends. This is DT’s YY workout routine for girls around you.Secret 6: Nanjing sister favorite network chat underwearNot only has the Internet become a big channel for lingerie, but it has also become a platform for girls to discuss underwear. After all, these questions can not be discussed offline, especially with men.Care for the body, wear a good figure is the younger sister just need, exchange can discuss each other, heart wear experience. Among the App users of underwear, Nanjing’s sister is the most active and open.Secret 7: Taiping Princess less, big wave beauty moreThe secret of bra consumption also reveals the secrets of the chest.Nearly three years of online bra consumption shows, A cup consumption declined year by year, D cup consumption has increased year after year. In other words, Taiping Princess less, big wave beauty more.DT Jun believes that this is the result of countless sister efforts, but also to countless men excited resultsSecret 8: Tibet E sister the most awesomeSo, the more exciting question is: where’s the woman’s biggest cup?Big data show that more than E cups, ladies underwear to buy the most provinces TOP5, are: Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Beijing and Sichuan.Except for Beijing, the big breast provinces are all in the west. Refined to the city level, it was all occupied by the western region. Have a big girl up to the top five are: Tibet, Shigatse, Qinghai, Xining, Tibet, Linzhi, Xinjiang and Sichuan city of Panzhihua Kirgiz Autonomous prefecture.(who said the original title aunt does not understand the fun? Ma Yun, dad told you 8 Secrets About underwear 2-generation vaginal reverse mold sex toy

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