A joke out of the major clients prohibited aphrodisiac case

Abstract: a joke brought together major, said the Longwan Public Security Bureau and the Longwan market supervisory authority, the two departments will work together to fully combat illegal aphrodisiac case. “Aphrodisiac street buy eat more bad” this nationwide campaign clusters a joke out of major national health care products prohibited by the Wenzhou Longwan police brought the case, the home has more than 600 “platinum kidney” and “America shuangxiang gun”, “German heijingang”…… In the high streets and back lanes of health care products store, often sell health care products, of which there are some fish with these ingredients prohibited food containing sildenafil. Earlier this month, the Ministry of Public Security launched a request by the Wenzhou Longwan police against producing and selling poisonous and harmful food cluster campaign, all over the country a total of 52 suspects were arrested, and seized 12000 boxes of illegal health food. A joke out of a major case in mid May of this year, Wenzhou Longwan Public Security Bureau police brigade police jurisprudence case together in the process, the suspect said jokingly, he often to the side of the road lane in the health care products store to buy aphrodisiac, eat after the obvious side effects, leading to dysfunction. Although this is not a serious joke, but it caused a high degree of concern police investigators. Secret investigation police immediately to Longwan within the jurisdiction of the health care products store and buy some products sent to the laboratory, the results are found to contain sildenafil most of health care products. Sildenafil is a special treatment for male erectile dysfunction drug overdose, will have adverse effects on the user. In accordance with the provisions of the Supreme Procuratorate on handling the crime of food, health food may not add sildenafil, once added to toxic and hazardous food. In June this year, the Longwan Public Security Bureau and the food and drug administration departments to conduct a comprehensive net spread involved in the Longwan District of health shop, selling toxic and hazardous food cases were handled in 17 cases, 21 were criminal compulsory measures, and successfully arrested in Wenzhou Wang Moumou wholesalers. In Guangdong destroyed a large manufacturing and selling dens through further investigation, police found that the majority of health care products from Guangdong, its sales network covers all over the country, a huge amount of money involved. Wenzhou police immediately dispatched elite police, and combined with the market supervision department task force composed of the investigation in Guangdong. The police task force over Guangzhou, Dongguan and other 6 cities, which lasted more than 2 months, months of continuous tracking in the dens near, ultimately identify the poisonous and harmful food crime organization and the staff of the basic situation. In September 1st, the task force to carry out a unified action to close the net in Guangzhou, Dongguan two suspects, in coordination with local police, arrested Momou 4 producing and selling poisonous food suspects. The warehouse seized 6, “kidney platinum” and “American POM”, “German heijingang” prohibited sexual health products more than 200 boxes. A total of 89 kinds of health care products, pills, capsules total of more than 150 pieces of more than 20 pieces of equipment, tools, packaging, health care products, such as anti-counterfeit labels printed more than 1000 boxes, as well as the computer, books, and a large number of vehicle equipment and tools. After the Zhejiang provincial food and Drug Inspection Institute inspection, on-site sampling of 99 batches of products containing ingredients of sildenafil. Family gang 0″ after investigation, the case main suspect Momou, 26 years old, Hunan province Shaoyang, Huadu District of Guangzhou city residents. In 2013 August, Momou combined with its brother Chen, aunt Hu et al called fellow, opened the so-called “Guangdong Tianlong company”, a well-known brand in Hongkong specializing in the production of fake health care products, sales network throughout the country, the monthly sales reached millions of profit amazing. Momou account, they know the state banned the added sildenafil in health care products, but the temptation of high profits and rush into danger. In order to avoid being hit, they often replace the production dens, and production, shipping and receiving point distribution in Guangzhou, Dongguan and other regions with different people, fraudulent use of identity information to send and receive goods and property. The Tang Moumou is a fellow of the Mo, was convicted of drug trafficking had been punished, is a lower level of wholesalers, such as mo. Later found considerable profits, he set up a company specializing in the production and sale of health food in Dongguan. At present, the case involving the family in 31 provinces across the country, preliminary statistics more than 600, the amount of verification has been tens of millions. The Ministry of public security has been launched to combat illicit sexual health products cluster campaign, tied for the Ministry of public security supervision cases in the country, arrested 52 suspects and seized 12000 boxes of illegal health food. Now the case is still in the net action further, the case is still under further investigation. The gang formed a one-stop industrial chain, according to police, the case is a typical case of production and sale of toxic and harmful health food. The suspect division of labor is clear, raw material purchase, production and processing, advertising, logistics and transportation, and many other aspects of the organization, the members of a single line, with the dealer

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