Actress climax depends entirely on acting? The AV rod indicates disagreement!

Editor’s note: AV stick can be considered a kind of Fun Jumping eggs – long jump eggs. Originally, the AV stick was designed for teasing, but it attracted many women’s attention because of its powerful function and became a popular hobby. AV bars are popular among consumers, mainly attributed to the following advantages: simple and fashionable shape, popular with the public. Compact shape, easy to carry and use. Head adjustable design, optional bending angle, massage position for you to pick. On the understanding of user needs this, profiteers are never home.”If I asked customers what they wanted, they would tell me: a faster horse,” Ford said.Jobss said: people do not know what they want until you show it to them, they will understand.A shy public mouth too straight attributes, traders have learned by heart.For example, learning machine bully: 99% people buy to play the game, but the learning machine poster.Another example is the big baby:99% of the people bought it in a completely different part of the advertising campaign…Is the massage stick really that good? If not a little strength, how can a foothold? This is a hundred years of history after the baptism of the baby ~!There are many kinds of massage sticks. Today, let’s talk about “AV stick”, a kind of stick known to us in the 1980s.AV stick, like its name, because it broke out in AV a day, because of its great power, and then walked out of the island gate, to the world.Hitachi (Hitachi) Company in 1968 produced a Magic Wand HV-250R type massage stick, originally propaganda is massage to relax the results when Betty Dodson of the famous experts teach you: this thing can do some things Oh shame. So, out of control, this massage stick swept the United States more than 40 years, has also been named in 2013, “the most popular female sex toys.””Question 1: a lot of people who have not used to ask the club head so big, and can not go, can be useful?Of course, many people don’t know. For women, the most exciting thing is not to get in… It’s “outdoor” sports!Research on “the Heidi Heidi report:” only 26% of the female orgasm in sexual life, the climax of hard work has nothing to do with most men, but by his wife to rub her clitoris the clitoris is the real orgasm switch.Knock on the blackboard: AV stick is external use special stimulate small Doudou, vibration force than the general vibration bar is much stronger, AV stick exists for small Doudou fast climax.Question 2: where is the clitoris?There’s no such thing as a complex or familiar saying, so that you know where it is. The female clitoris on both sides of the labia majora (that is, outside see directly the bud) at the confluence of a cylindrical organs, protected by the foreskin of the clitoris, 2-4 cm. The clitoris has a rounded glans at the end, very, very sensitive.The clitoris is an artifact organ. The reason for its existence is to stimulate the sexual desire and pleasure of women. It is recommended that the AV stick sign choose a better head.Question mark 3: “well, what are the features of the big baby on the market now?”AV stick with big headBig head don’t worry about the rain, they have an umbrella, I have a big head, AV vibrator characteristic is big, so it is not the body into the body!! not! This big head just outside stimulation of the genitals, the most important thing is to stimulate the female clitoris. What does “big head” mean? Do you think of the terrain, wide coverage, AV rod massage is uneven, middle is sunken, a good brand of round head can form various embedded hollow, contact, give a full range of stimulation. Seem to take care of every nook and cranny below, and perfectly fit it.Because the big head is the essence of the AV stick, so many businesses will do Kung Fu on the big head.Here are some of the more distinctive ones:Live big headYes, the current stimulus, while a cup of vibration shock, AV rod can play hardcore, see here, Yang Yong X to produce magnetic infantry to his knees.Variable headVarying degrees of frequency gave little sister more stimulation. There are two kinds of frequency conversion modes, manual frequency conversion and intelligent frequency conversion mode. Intelligent variable frequency AV bars need to be used in conjunction with the APP, which intelligently regulates the frequency of your orgasm at hand.Warmed headCan be heated, in the winter use, not afraid of freezing little sister,”Cold G2 in the face of random pats, warm love liquid mixed with ice water”There’s no need to worry about that.A nimble headThe head of a AV bar is flexible. All kinds of press, pull, twist and stretch, the left hand is not convenient, the right hand is not changed during use, and the big part is twisted to the other side. When you want to exert, twist your big head to the right angle of 90 degrees, and use the edge to strengthen it. The stick can be adjusted 360 degrees to fit the angle you take. AV can fit into all kinds of postures. Sitting, standing, lying, lying, it is a perfect experience.Humanized anti hand acid designThe motor unit AV rod is placed on the head, fully concentrated fire service for you, the vibration strength should not be overlooked, so the AV rod is also a big feature, it is with a long handle, let you use up more comfortable, not like the same no cake Tiaodan, tide, hand has been numb.The handle can help you grip more tightly and more smoothly. It’s human, wooden, good at hand, and I have it.Question mark 4: buy, buy, buy1., the first purchase AV shake bar, certainly choose to go to regular channels to buy brand stick.2., of course, for the first time do not need to buy too expensive brands, etc., and slowly find their own needs, and then choose the higher order, relatively good toys.The size of the 3.AV rods is also important, not the big ones or the best ones.4. small stick is the foundation, the price is not expensive, little features, suitable for beginners to try.5. big AV sticks stimulate small peas, can quickly climax.6., Oriental women apply vibration bar size, diameter in 3 ~ 3.3 cm is better, or according to their actual physical sense to buy.7. primary users are not advised to choose products that function to design products that are too complex, such as electric shocks with SM colors.Question number 5: charging modeCharging in different ways can also affect the use of AV bars.1. has been required to plug in, will affect the use of space and posture unlock;2., charging should always pay attention to power consumption, to avoid the critical moment is thrown cold water;3., what time has battery made toys, batteries that point enough to make you do? (only for the massage stick)Anyway, AV is very suitable for use even great foreplay, your mood is not too good not to think of lovemaking, it can quickly stir your desire, let you want to more more more……

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