Addicted to playing games with strangers, psychological problems

Editor’s note: many married people say, tell their partner is really a little fresh are not, get along like the left hand touch now, before that did not feel, then there is the origin of the “seven year itch”. So, love between husband and wife is very important, so we must first from the most intimate things start to change, timely use of some lingerie or toys, can greatly enhance the quality of life, maintain the feelings of the couple. Fantasy, tease. Imagine the first time to meet, chat, flirt. Imagine that we’re both cheating people. Hide your lover secretly dating, quietly in her ear saying love stroking her body. I’ll tell her that a man you’ve never met before fell in love with you for the first time. Want to have a day to hold you in my arms, touching your body, take off your underwear, you can show that the in nature’s garb in a stranger’s face. He beat your big butt with a mighty hand…. She shangxiajishou. At this time the wife is really wet do not want the. Lick and then touch pinch, and continue to say rude words. She can’t stand it anymore. I’ll get into her body. It feels great! Now every time you want to play a game of strangers, feeling addicted. Also gradually some confusion, I would like to ask the old driver, I do not have psychological problems? Why do you imagine other men on my wife, and think more excited. Wife happiness within no problem? If one day we don’t play, life is not flat and uninteresting? Husband and wife to each other’s sexual fantasies can communicate? My wife is always a lady talking blush. delay increases health underwear magnetic XXL

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