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Abstract: according to the test results in a series of condoms, condoms measured thickness of 2 brand Okamoto, HBM does not reach that thickness, double the difference, Jissbon claimed that the thickness is also in doubt. The evaluation report: Okamoto, HBM, Jissbon “slim” condoms are more in name than in reality results show that the measured thickness of 2 brands of condoms Okamoto, HBM does not reach that thickness, double the difference, Jissbon claimed that the thickness is also in doubt. Valentine’s Day is coming in 2015. You may have ordered a flower, a hotel, or a candle lit dinner in your cozy home, and don’t forget your good helper, the condom. This Valentine’s day, in order to love her, how do you choose condoms? Valentine’s Eve, consumer reports on the 160 users of the questionnaire results show that 71.25% of users believe that ultra-thin condoms will attract them to buy. In order to pursue “thin”, the major manufacturers are also useless, it seems that we are creating the ultimate “Pro skin” experience. Is this really the case? In January 2015, the “consumer report” to the national authoritative third party testing organization censorship of Okamoto, Durex, Jissbon, HBM and two (born 5 meter free) thin section of the condom brand. The results showed that the measured thickness of 2 brands of condoms Okamoto, HBM does not reach that thickness, double the difference, Jissbon claimed that the thickness is also in doubt. The maximum difference between the 5 brands of condoms, a difference of 1.7 times. “Slim” in September 2014 the world’s richest man, Bill Gate said more in name than in reality, and through Bill and the Melinda Gates Foundation’s global health care plan challenge provided $100 thousand in start-up capital to give you an inventor to develop the next generation of ultra-thin condoms. The study will have a breakthrough in the material, can make condoms very, very thin”. This news caused concern from all walks of life. Why does Bill Gate want to invest so much? The thickness of single layer ordinary condom between 0.05-0.07mm, some of the market of ultra-thin condoms known as 0.02mm or 0.01mm, but many products are not up to the quality of products, because the thinner the more difficult to control, very strict technical requirements, generally difficult to do business.” China rubber (13705120, 0.88%) Industry Association latex branch secretary general Tu Yanling told this reporter. So, the sale of condoms in the end how thin? The publication of this submission 5 condoms were: Okamoto OK, HBM 002 0.03 personal ultra-thin condoms condoms extreme thin flexible aloe terun Gold Edition, Durex and Jissbon ultrathin condom brand 4 limit slim thinnest condom styles. In addition to a street family planning free pair of natural latex rubber condoms (thread). Test results show that the thickness of Okamoto did not claim the “0.03mm” is so thin that measured the thickness of 0.045mm, but is still all brand detection thinnest; and the so-called challenge Okamoto 003 domestic brands HBM, also did not reach the nominal thickness, measured as 0.054mm. And that “Jissbon is thinner than the general 35%” Jissbon limit the thickness of thin section of condoms, if two brand condoms and the detection of the thick (thread) are compared, and did not reflect the “thin” advantage, let people doubt the authenticity of their publicity. (Figure 1) laboratory staff 0″ for this test said to the magazine, thread and granular products in order to increase the sensory experience, when tested according to GB, the products will be more smooth up a bit thick. This result, Jissbon said their new products to the ZERO zero sense will be thinner, Durex also said that Durex will test the product more than one thin thin. But the two companies have not given the thickness of these two products. HBM Guilin producers Hambo general manager Hu Zhiqiang of health supplies Limited “consumer reports” said their bare sets (just produced without adding lubricant products) by measuring the thickness of single layer thickness measurement of the average value should be 0.042mm; Jissbon also said to the magazine, the batch of products they bare sets the average the value of measurement of thickness is about 0.056mm. “This is due to the different test methods.” Responsible for the publication of the laboratory staff said. Because of technical reasons, the condom in the manufacturing process is the thickest part of the seminal vesicle, and close to the opening of the thinnest. GB measurement method for the quality of the product, that is, after the completion of the removal of silicone oil condoms, take the next 30 5mm position to cut out a circle and then calculate the average thickness of the plane. Commonly used method of enterprise for the thickness meter method is relatively simple, on the direct measurement of bare sets 3 point thickness, and average value.” The staff member said, from many years of testing experience, the thickness of condoms can do less than 0.05mm. The difference of measurement methods, the current standard GB7544-2009 Chinese have notes, “you can use the dial gauge (gauge method) to measure the condom thickness, but has been confirmed using the method and the results have been low.” In the international standard ISO4074:2002, but also the quality of the law. In August 2013, the Hongkong Consumer Council were detected in Hongkong area on the market of condoms also found marked “thin” word type products are not worthy of the name. Among them, Durex and Okamoto 0.03 ultrathin platinum thin.

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