Between husband and wife should be how to use and maintain the fun vibration bar

Abstract: the vibrator is now the most prominent erotic products in its reputation and efficacy in the group received great praise and couples can not shake stick disposable items it is vibrator can be reused is a good helper 0″ is now the most prominent sex toys in products, fame and its effects in the group received great praise of husband and wife. Moreover, the vibrator is not disposable items, it can be reused a good helper for sexual intercourse. However, the couple should use it to protect it, cherish it, in order to ensure the quality and safety of vibration rod. So how do you protect the vibrator after each use? Note the use of vibration rod: first vibrator is a couple of private exclusive items, not shared with outsiders, so as to avoid the infection of bacteria and viruses. Second: the use of a vibrator to ensure their own health and clean, do not let the rod body with bacteria; at the same time also to clean up the vibrator in before sexual intercourse. Third: do not use excessive, excessive use of vibrator stimulation easily lead to organ sensitivity decreased, so for a very long time, resulting in no ordinary sexual stimulation and pleasure, can only rely on vibration massage to stimulate, it would be a tragedy. Fourth: vibration stick can be used with condoms, water-soluble lubricant, easy to sensitive parts of the body and genital stimulation. Note that, in the bedroom do not use vibrator stimulation in different organs. Fifth: after use should be promptly removed or battery power, especially the battery is not a long time on the massage stick, if there is leakage of a battery, easy to break massage stick, battery fluid is corrosive to the skin, the skin will be corrosion, especially has a great harm to the delicate genital. The vibrator with vibrator 1, after maintenance measures use after discharge due to a large number of lubricating oil and residual liquid, if long time without cleaning it, easy to breed bacteria, so as soon as possible after the start of cleaning it. 2, cleaning should avoid switching power supply, etc.above water while rubbing with your fingers while washing brush or soft, acid detergent do not. 3, after washing with dry cotton cloth to wipe the most appropriate, or high-quality paper towels is also a good choice. After wiping the natural dry, avoid exposure to the sun! 4, finally you can use special cleaning fluid or diluted alcohol (75%) to disinfect, also sprinkle some talcum powder after collection. 5, remember to use the battery must be taken out, do not stay inside the toy, or it may occur battery corrosion! Collection can be velvet bag or dust bag collection, as far as possible in the shade to keep dry.

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