Bid farewell to Microsoft? Bill Gates developed the world’s most thin condoms

Editor’s note: for the adult products industry, do not know her people are generally not optimistic, but do not believe that can rely on selling a condom will be able to make their own wealth. However, when you find Bill Gate are involved in the sex industry in the industry, and the first product is the research and development of condoms, you will find that the industry does not make money? In the adult products industry, do not make money only two possibilities: first, you did not choose the right products; second, you are very lazy. Especially in China, the prospect of adult supplies market is very broad, if it is hard to operate, and do not want to make money is not possible. The world’s thinnest condom is a thin? According to the latest news that the world’s most reliable thin condoms will be listed in the next year, research and development of the world’s thinnest condoms will be Microsoft pick Bill Gate, Bill Gate Microsoft, to do a condom, which makes a lot of friends Kanbil Gates use electricity supplier marketing means to the thinnest condom this is the electricity supplier, big boss Ma to force Microsoft to study only bid farewell to the world’s thinnest condoms, for the benefit of millions of families, this is what the world’s thinnest condom brand? The following steps follow Xiaobian together to understand the world’s thinnest condom is what brand and material composition.

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