Business Master share success experience, open the micro business to get rich

Editor’s note: now, college students are not what the novelty of things, and now college students accept the education and the depths of the environment for them to create a good prospect in addition to entrepreneurship, which is indeed a fact. Two people at the same time graduation, a choice of entrepreneurship, a choice of work, five years or ten years, is still working for a living and hard work, and some even dare not marriage knot, and entrepreneurship that man must be a happy family well-off society. Taste the queen graduated from the school of music, who grew up in Hunan, Hunan girl Wei Daodao, has repeatedly in the national championship contest for guzheng, her heart has recognized campus Belle an unyielding pioneering spirit, love the challenge to her own, after graduation does not meet the status quo and choice of derivative business, but she chose a cold shocked the industry, “sex toys industry” highlights her characteristic and unusual.

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