China taste consumption report: Wuhan most love to buy supplies

Editor’s note: from Ali health research center supplies consumption report, in 2016 the most fun consumption are Libra, in taste consumption with 10.3% of the proportion of consumption ranked first, Scorpio 9% behind, seemingly conservative Virgo 8.7% ranked third. Some city taste consumption has emerged in the first-tier cities, everyone seems to be fond of dolls entities in Wuhan, a city of West Central consumer favorite is a variety of sexy lingerie, temptation (it seems you do not lack friends). Once a year, a couple of collective show loving child dead dog million single valentine’s day just past, those who are attached to this day busy to buy roses, book lovers packages with people not only hold the pillow alone in night, but this phenomenon may change, more and more people start their orders have ample food and clothing “.

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