Chuan Li Jie, China’s large layoffs, or the monopoly of condoms?

Editor’s note: Recently, network transmission of family care giant, Durex’s parent company Reckitt group in Chinese District layoffs, the reason is the basis of the annual loss of products. It is worth noting that this is all the staff of the family care category, so Li Jie is finally ready to concentrate on selling condoms in the Chinese market it? According to “Beijing times” broke the world, home care products giant Reckitt said the group will integrate China business recently, will be under the health care category of sales (Department of basic products base RB) and its joint venture company – Shanghai Manlun trading company sales team, keep Manlun sales team, and according to the position selective retention of RB base staff vacancies, but the position and salary is not guaranteed. In simple terms, to reduce the sales team in China to reduce the health care business in China, is expected to lay off more than 500 people.

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