Chunshuitang listed on the new board, only love selling sex toys

Abstract: after her health and his interest, the main female sex toys hall in June 29th officially listed on the new board for. The outside world has been on the hall of the transfer instructions looking forward, the development of the home was in the industry after 13 years Adult supplies platform. Just a few days ago, “sex toys first” 2015 annual report shows the health of lovers hand, net loss of 71 million 905 thousand and 800 yuan in 2015, the number of eye popping. In addition, the interests of the electricity business first unit seal information (he fun) in the first three quarters of 2015 net profit of -881.8 million, the same people surprised. From the hall of public transfer instructions, the hormone economy may really not so fast. The Chinese market is very large, or slightly astringent shame is different from the health and he love interest, the hall has been focusing on female sex toys to the vibrator, claiming to love sex life. In 2014, chunshuitang launched its own brand of “female compact health experts” iball, 2015 was released nearly 20 female intelligent vibrator. Have to say, chunshuitang really is female sex friends”. According to spring CEO Lin Degang previously introduced, at present, chunshuitang users accounted for 65% of male consumers, but the purchase of the product is 80% for women, the female consumer is the industry’s main interest. 0″ survey report shows that only in 2014, trading Chinese reproductive health products B2C market has reached 3 billion 380 million yuan, with an annual increase of 73.6%, 3 years will remain around 58% compound growth rate increased. If you add the amount of the purchase of the store on the line, in 2014 the size of the transaction has more than 8 billion yuan of interest items. However, compared to foreign markets, the Chinese people in this area is still slightly shy. This from some of the larger appeal supplies business performance comparison is evident. In Europe and America, the sex industry has been born Uhse Beate (Germany, with annual sales of about 400 million euros), Chain seven-store (United States) and other listed companies. British Summers Ann company with annual sales of more than 120 million pounds is listed as one of the most successful and profitable Private Companies in the uk. At the same time, there are CEN and other $1 billion level of private enterprises. As Chinese fun supplies industry of “Three Represents”, hall 2015, 2014 annual revenues were only 40 million 577 thousand, 18 million 485 thousand and 300 yuan, her health in 2015 revenues of $101 million, his interest in the first three quarters of 2015 revenue of 34 million 177 thousand and 700 yuan. Compared to foreign enterprises more than 1 billion sales a year, can only say that the liberation of the Chinese people “lower body”, especially women, the traditional concept of the hall and taste goods enterprises may still have a long way to go. Three “love posture” and “roll sheets business chunshuitang has claimed to be across the” healthy and happy and beautiful “three Chaoyang industry vertical business platform, the three” love posture “which is the hall of product sales: health happy, beautiful, foreign. The hall has also been stressed, their main business is the operation of reproductive health industry vertical e-commerce platform; own brand development, reproductive health and medical intelligent hardware series products of domestic and international sales of hardware and intelligent user app big data platform operation. This is also reflected in the product and sales in the hall. At present, the hall has been developed for the iball female pelvic floor muscle health and for male prostate health ihole these two products. Its own brand sales in 2015 are mainly reproductive health products, sales accounted for nearly 30%. However, although there are independent research and development of the brand, chunshuitang bulk of revenues is derived from the brand agent. In 2015, chunshuitang agent brand sales accounted for 65.79%. However, like the other two sex toy company, chunshuitang is not profitable, in 2015 and 2014, the company’s net profit was only -1849.09 million, -1124.62 million yuan. At present, in the case of loss, chunshuitang said, through control of period expenses, expand the market, explore the outbreak of income growth, revenue growth, lower cost and period cost reasonable control, enhance the company’s profitability, and guarantee in the foreseeable period of time, the company will achieve profitability. It is worth noting that the fun hotel may become chunshuitang new revenue growth outbreak. At the beginning of this year, the nickname “spring uncle” chunshuitang founder Lin Degang has been in the layout Fun Hotel, opened the first plan by the end of. To know that even in a severe recession, Japan’s local love hotel annual output value reached $40 billion. In recent years, with the development of the Internet of things and virtual reality, fun hotel this business may also play more flowers come, it becomes a “hormone economy” of the growth point.

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