“Condom first” Nox released NOX17 products

Editor’s note: Nox technology known as the three new board “condom first”, March 2016 landed three new board, the new board dig shellfish research institute data show that in the first half of 2016, Nox achieved operating income of 52 million 330 thousand yuan, net profit of 2 million 620 thousand yuan. In the field of Chinese Adult supplies, Nox can be said to have achieved impressive results. But as a “condom first” Nox, this is just the beginning, then Nox will “open fire”, in NOX mode allows Nox to get a wider range of consumer groups. 14 this month, Nox Technology (836309) announced the company invested in product development and technological achievements — NOX 17 ha of ultra-thin condoms. At the same time, Nox officially opened to the “sunshine social” for the idea of the “NOX era” strategy. Top Quality New Sex Product,Soft Feet Fetish Toys for Man,Lifelike Female Feet Manne

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