Don’t talk about practice at the age of the gun – an interview with PeachAPP

Abstract: Peach hope to solve the stranger tools to cut, “remote popping” demand, and then the precipitation of intelligent toys testing align= text / small table new media reporter He Bin a few days ago in a circle of friends of the explosion in the article called” don’t about talk about “gun age practice, probably mean that young people should be full of youthful spirit, full of sap, don’t repress nature, in the Buddhist sutras, love the age of practice talk about guns. I think that the author must have never thought of a single dog in addition to “about”, there are other ways to solve. The reporter sitting in front of the two to do is this business, CEO Qu Bo telecommunications and Internet industry for 20 years, calm and reserved, male thinking Polytechnic standard; COO Qin Qian lively and straightforward, claiming to be “Huang Wen started out to write a small network of red, the 70 after 90 combination of interesting. They developed a fun social tool —Peach, the Chinese meaning is peach, which makes the reporter can not help but think of the early years of a Hongkong three movie “when ripe peach”. “Peach fuzz, shaped like ass, juicy, cut a hard core, a symbol of the female sexual maturity of” COO Qian Qin said this is what. This sex implies a very strong product, similar to a smart fun toy universal remote control”. By pushing the Bluetooth data of the intelligent toy, the “translation” into a unified “language” operation on the market almost all intelligent fun toys. Simply speaking, the market mainstream smart toys made of silicone shell, electric motor, sensor and Bluetooth chipset, get pleasure by Bluetooth mobile phone or rotating vibration control equipment users. Peach will be the mainstream of the market toys, 10 kinds of vibration into 8 kinds of commonly used, open up the different manufacturers of products, become a universal remote control”. align=” PeachCEO Qu Bo Peach hope to solve the stranger tools to cut, “remote popping” demand, and evaluation of intelligent toys precipitation, a smart toys in the field of public comment. In November last year, Peach received by the Hong Thai fund LP and hung Thai intelligent hardware incubator Labs A millions of * * Angel round of investment, is currently being carried out Pre-A round of financing. Disc hole to the left, peach to the right Peach model and previously described the disc hole is very similar, but the path of choice is not the same. Disc hole is B2B2C mode. Connect one end of fun supplies manufacturers, by providing smart chip to realize the intelligent products, upgrades, and APP diversion; the other end of the connecting end C community users buy sex toys and spice lovers, users through App remote intelligent control through remote play with fun lovemaking”. And the competition barrier of Peach lies in the adaptation technology. Through the translation of Bluetooth transmission data to get through the different manufacturers of intelligent fun toys, more emphasis on the production of a stranger in the form of social. Although the respective paths are different, but the pain is similar to the Peach in the face of the silk hole and the industry is similar. For the traditional taste goods manufacturers, there is a widespread demand for intelligent upgrade. However, to develop a set of intelligent control hardware App, for small, single product of small companies is not a small expenditure, independent development is not worthwhile; large companies have the conditions and are unwilling to open App to other manufacturers, pansidong, Peach and other start-up companies cut it is this piece of the market, to solve “how to flow” problem in different path. align=” Peach testing products in the product, unlike pansidong community style, Peach is more like a social tool. The most obvious is the development of a similar Tan Tan turn sign function, the user according to the picture, age, city, connected with the toy number and other parameters to select pass or Like for the user, when two people at the same time when selecting Like can chat and toys connected, improve the connection efficiency. After successful pairing, the user can chat or “remote lovemaking with smart toys connected, there are five basic modes for users to choose, which are self hi mode, manual control, voice control and interactive apparatus, shake mode, vibration rotation frequency and intensity of each different mode. Qu Bo to the image of this process is described as the first Unicom to move”. Like the public comment on the same selection of fun things Peach in March this year on the line, the current use of the invitation system has nearly twenty thousand users. In product planning, Qu Bo hope to do a good tool at this stage, the first stage is to become a social tool to connect all the intelligent fun toys”. When the platform gathered enough fun intelligent toy users, Peach would like to be based on the hardware match the last stage, do intelligent fun toys shopping guide platform. COO Qin Qian said: “autism is like a one-way business interest in children”, there are many problems in this industry. About the hardware of intelligent taste of the lack of information, most of the community and business in order to sell their products “puff”, rather than standing in the perspective of user experience and recommend suitable products to customers for the user,

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