Durex shocked! Make a wonderful micro-blog needs 8 hours

Editor’s note: presumably a lot of people have heard: want to do a good job in micro-blog marketing, must chase hot spots”. For example, the famous Durex, in China basically rely on micro-blog to fire up. About these wonderful content output, Durex micro-blog official secret insider – write a micro-blog to 8 hours. A wonderful micro-blog, often let the reader gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. But Jin Pengyuan said, to make a wonderful micro-blog is not easy. Behind every post, we may have to pay about 8 hours. In China, Durex also win at micro-blog, the past few years from Valentine’s day to Tomb-sweeping Day, every important moment, the crowd will be a new “speech on micro-blog and Durex dull remarks died over the knees”. The retail price of 65 yuan a box of 18 pieces of Durex, the raw material cost is 20.8 yuan. You have not been calculated from the first to now, contributed a total of how much money for Durex? It can be said that the condom is one of the greatest inventions in the world in ancient times, the novel method of contraception is amazing, herbs, stones, crocodile dung, animal mummies have been come in handy, until the advent of condoms.

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