Guo Jingming sexually sexually transmitted male writers, netizens concern is that?…

Abstract: in August 21st, micro-blog account certification for writer Li Feng broke the news that Guo Jingming had been subjected to sexual harassment, and revealed that he often sexual harassment and sexual assault to the male author, he signed the company’s male staff, as far as I know, there are five people, I don’t know more”…… Micro-blog will be issued once the network immediately aroused an uproar, although the incident has passed nearly a star… August 21st, certification for the writer’s micro-blog account Li Feng broke the news that Guo Jingming had been subjected to sexual harassment, and revealed that he often sexual harassment and sexual assault to the male author, he signed the company’s male staff, I as there are five people, I do not know more”……Micro-blog will be issued once the network immediately aroused an uproar, although the incident has passed nearly a week but the heat continues unabated.In accordance with past practice, Xiao Bian thought: “this, Guo Jingming will be scolded miserable.”. Because of this early events in several young girls and women violated events have attracted netizens support victims filled with righteous indignation. But in this incident, we really curse Guo Jingming scolded very hi, but the content has nothing to do with the incident, the same is sexual assault, Li Feng himself has not been net users of sexual assault perpetrators denounced…… The style of the netizens is:Laugh at Guo Jingming’s heightSatire on his workLet him copy……In short, there is no relevant criticism of sexual assault, and even some people joke about it……Ecuse me? Isn’t it raped when men are sexually assaulted? Xiao Bian quickly turned over Baidu and found that the definition of rape by law was actually: 0″It is understood that Li Feng had consulted a lawyer, but lawyers said: at present, China’s law, same-sex sexual assault crime is blank, and this crime forensics difficult……. So the only appearance of male sexual assault a patient? Because even if exposed, it can not effectively punish perpetrators.As a result, we have to look at the short board of sex education in our country again – basic sexual knowledge has not spread in place, and what is it about homosexual aggression?In recent years, China’s education can be said was slightly a little bit of progress, perhaps the reason is not only increase the minors accidental pregnancy and same-sex HIV infection have begun to pay more attention to the relevant departments to make up the issue of sex education. No matter what is the starting point, at least in the annual “World AIDS Day” more and more organizations will actively do some publicity and AIDS prevention activities began to open to the public, especially minors condom spread function and use method.But these are only skin deep, because the child is a blank sheet of paper, it is easier to accept sex education, the key is how to reverse the stubborn parents’ ideas.The first two years, sexual educators enthusiastically with the children on the open class, free dissemination of sexual knowledge and how to protect themselves, but parents rushed to the platform, throwing manure on the teacher.Last year, teachers spontaneously organized and published some sex education books, but they were jointly reported by parents, which nearly made the teachers lose their jobs……Too many examples can prove that: “this is not” great scourges, extreme parents take the initiative to it with the demon armor.Parents are adamant that only let the children away from sex related content, tell them Adult supplies all evil, so that we can let them have a childhood naivete.The consequences of doing so are: the children do not even know the pinch to use condoms for their final protection, the other part is a deep sense of shame, some vulnerable even suffering from depression and finally to end his own life. Obviously, the children are the real victims. Why is there such a “mistake” mentality after being violated? It all comes from the parents and the distorted sexual attitudes of the society.Lack of sex education, in addition to children, as well as the domestic adult goods industry.As everyone knows, China is a feudal conservative society, even let the thought of modern civilization has changed, but most people still stay in talking about sex, so even if the Adult supplies interest, also due to the secular vision “at a distance”.However, throughout the world, instead of being open to sexual culture and developing rapidly in the adult goods industry, the rate of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is lower than that of some conservative countries such as China and India.In fact, after the thorough understanding can know that Adult supplies industry not only to consumers to sell sex toys, let the public to “rational cognition, help spread sex education and reproductive health and gender Adult supplies industry has been in the direction of.Back to the Li Feng revealed Guo Jingming sexual assault events, not to talk about the truth of the matter, on the attitude of netizens, we think about it, if it is their own or the boy of his home was raped it? There will probably be no more room for complaint than Li Feng.Therefore, the rational treatment of sex education and adult products industry, because of the spread of sexual knowledge and the development of adult goods industry, is for us to hold up a protective umbrella against infringement.

2015 American eXXXotica New Jersey adult show live highlights

Editor’s note: in the “2017 Ebang social electricity supplier summit, he interested vice president Yan Chen published an article entitled” about guns? Porn? Public speaking of the social bottom line and business magic in the adult world. He pointed out that, “fun products do community” can solve the electricity supplier among the re purchase rate and the user retention of double low problems. He interests from the game, differentiation, fine and modern 4 aspects of the community to help build explosion. Content for the queen, the rise of social electricity providers, and its fission rate of growth is remarkable. Compared with the traditional electricity supplier, social electricity supplier more attention to the user, content, which makes it in the product, promotion, transaction, data management and other aspects of showing a powerful prospect. It is understood that the conference to “social business rise” as the theme, organized by the billion state power network, Co Qingdao city network association, Haier strategic cooperation unit to shun.Warm prompt: This article is a preliminary review of the shorthand, to ensure that the original intention of the guests, without deletion or omission, please understand.The following is a speech memoir: Yan Chen: Hello everyone, thank you very much for inviting me from an island in the south to another island in the north. Today, my tag is a stain witness. The pit I dug today is about cannon, porn, adult world, social bottom line and business magic. People think that fun products will certainly feel like a very nasty thing. It’s just a sport that can give you a better experience and feel. A child’s toy lets a child laugh and shut his mouth. Adult supplies are designed to give adults a better experience on a particular sport. Many people say that your platform is a social relationship, is it about a gun platform?. In fact, really not, this is only O2O of people and social relations, online and offline, there are many links. You can go out with friends, coffee, movies, bars, wine, meals. The gun is one of all possible events, not the end result. Why was the gun specially highlighted during the whole process? Because it has very strong gossip, highly controversial, only to lay in the status of the O2O stand head and shoulders above others. What exactly is the gun? I don’t really know. It’s chess. You come and I fight. I don’t know the exact situation. I’m just a stain witness.When it comes to the community, the outcome of the agreement depends on the person. In the community, we clearly find that the whole community is divided into good and bad currencies. They can produce quality content, generate purchases, and generate financial results. And may become a network reds, produce stickiness. Many segments, such as the SM field, are curious users of this area to form very strong stickiness. Bad money, these users do things will create a lot of garbage information. I’m in Qingdao, and I’m in Xiamen. I’m bored. Are you there? Who else? I’m 18 centimeters. His interesting male user seems to be below this standard. Not only will they send this status, but they will also harass normal users. For all kinds of strange pictures, private messages, post content published in the community, this is very terrible behavior. Their behavior has been very damaging to our entire community. Why is it when people think that adult products are dirty? Because of this part of the bad money users.Why don’t we do what we call pornography and choose a culture of interest?. It looks like a touch ball. Last year, everyone knew that in China, against South Korea, the Chinese 1:0 against South Korea, the second day news report is not national enough to win. But there is a finless eel dead, the anchor caught, the tiger closed the story.Our goal is to do a century old shop, we have listed on the third board, there are tens of millions of users. In China, no one specifically refuses to discuss interesting culture. Last year a very red movie about SM in many basic senior white-collar groups. A lot of female users often discuss some of the details of the film with us. A thing has certain living space, and have the opportunity of development. The other is simply not going the same way. Interest culture never regards pornography as its own operation and promotion, which is the core competitiveness of the entire platform.Why is sex appeal so sensitive and a community?. Because the community can solve our interesting electricity supplier among the exposed problems. One of the obvious problems with sales of interest products is that the rate of re purchase is low and the rate of user retention is low. After buying one thing, the next time he bought it, he died in the app. Another point is traffic cost feedback, traffic expensive. Significantly improve retained, value-added services to enhance ROI, community functions, such as short video, such as live broadcast, will give users more interesting cognitive products brought different angles. This is the community to bring electricity providers to solve and promote part.The next link says community content properties. When a community comes in, it chooses tags based on the user’s shopping behavior, such as men, women, married, unmarried, stratified, and gives users a more specific portrait. After that, we’ll start dividing groups. There are so many circles in the whole community. Why is there such a thing as “circle”? We all say that society should be a “swarm of people”, so that all the people who have common interests get together, communicate and chat, and make the community more active.And then we have to make rules, the rules for each block, each circle, including bad money that drives out his interesting process. We spend a very large cost of outsourcing audits, pre trial, post, post management, including moderators to maintain a variety of other users of the impact of bad money users out of this platform. They interfere with good user habits, and they don’t consume and do not translate. Their behavior is to see about yourself.There is a content recommendation, we must also carry out intelligent algorithm recommended conform to no conventional pattern, according to the user portrait, labels, often browse circle, watch the goods, recommend the corresponding content.In addition the social environment are also in force, private gifts, in the vicinity of the people, all kinds of can allow the user to generate functional link we are trying to establish social relationships. Set up a professional image, the experience process, all want to give the user the most professional reference. Users may buy things at Taobao and Jingdong, and hope to give you the orientation to understand the interesting things.Our entire user operating system, we are now talking about four modernizations, a game. We found the hottest game of the year, the glory of the king, including myself. With the entire user hierarchy, whether ranked or ranked, or whether they share this list of games, the various KDA computing methods give us a lot of room to learn. We are also using this updated ranking, the game BUG user operating system, instead of a long time ago a community system.There is also a process of differentiation. Because there are female users in the community, many female users pay great attention to their privacy. We have specific set up only some female users can access the plate, male users can not access. Ensure that female users can get their own discussions, questions and answers on their gender issues in their own privacy section.The refinement section is only for very special minority groups. For example, SM group, male and female, we usually do not pay attention to the group.In the process of modernization, his interest in APP has added a lot of fire. For example, short video, live broadcast, any new functions that can help our users to liven up, we are willing to try. We aim to do so many things in order to establish a connection, establish the whole social community with various circles to contact with the commodity, goods can be evaluated, to experience, to share user buying things out. Users can post, replies, can occasionally watch each other, broadcast, commercial contact. We can distribute all of our user experience to the content details page through the user’s purchase of the product.We now find that the whole community has a great deal of experience with explosion making. Last year, a very exciting personality, “wireless jump eggs”, through the community and social system, sold several times last year, several times the traditional egg. Another is mining new products. There may be foreign popular domestic products that are not on sale, such as a popular egg shaped vibrating egg before. The community can produce a special custom role, we SM circle inside, a lot of Daniel, they are not satisfied with this kind of mass production. They customized some handmade leather goods, hand braids, collars, candles, very high-end, which is common electricity providers, it is difficult to meet their store SKU category. Another is the product iteration, some good products are constantly turned out by the community, we have a deeper level of product development.Another part of the wind, the poor things will be eliminated from life, we are not bad review is not deleted. We want users to tell others through an intuitive experience that it’s not worth buying, which gives us better brand endorsements and sales. Our male and female users, 28, 80% male users, 20% female users, has been from the earliest less than 10% maintenance to such a point. In addition to see posted post ratio is 28, the user can see the post accounted for 20%, accounted for 80%. The percentage of good content is also 28. The ratio of good currency to bad currency is 28.Go back and say before, about the bottom line, we say three aspects, one is the law, the Chinese business must comply with all kinds of laws. It is impossible to make social circles with the attraction of erotic content. There is another thing that the law does not necessarily have, but we are going to make it out of this moral category ourselves, not to make this happen in our community. For example, strange social events, such as the “bus God”, might not have been punished by the law, but for our own professional ethics, we would not let the content pass through his interesting community.In addition, with regard to initiation, the interesting goal is to let most people know what the spice products are, and let more people enjoy the experience of better sexual life. We introduced some health care products last year. We all know the efficacy and formula of health care products of all sorts of strange things, and even company executives every day to taste different kinds of health care products, the purpose is to allow all users more assured he interested the sales of the product platform, we put more heart good things better taste experience to have no contact with the user supplies.Thank you very much, and I wish you all the best of luck!(original title: his interest in the morning: four modern help appeal community burst burst)

How do entrepreneurs get out of the new idea of adult supplies industry

Editor’s note: many friends in the plan to run the entity shop, the first thing is to find a lot of good, large flow of shops. Although the idea is no problem, good store location does have a certain influence on future profits, but such a shop often means high rents, some even need a “high price” transfer fee…… In fact, the shop is not necessarily in the busy downtown areas, such as adult goods stores, ordinary lots, you can easily profit. Self-service shopAdvantage 1 no busy lotAdult supplies store is not too busy, the location is very important, we have professional international Beige marketing specialist in this area, to help the franchisee, select the address, they have professional knowledge and rich experience is the client does not need to worry about.Advantage 2 don’t quit, do it exclusivelyStores do not need to be taken care of, without any personal guidance, customers to buy their own, self-service, do not need to resign to do!Advantage 3 without any inventoryNo self-service vending machine, do not need any inventory, as long as the cabinet box filled with can, do not need to enter a large number of goods, but also avoids the large backlog of products, reduce the loss of customers.Advantages are closed for 424 hoursThe traditional Adult supplies store Business Hours at 18 hours, and at the best time Adult supplies business is often in the middle of the night is when the traditional Adult supplies store closed, missing the majority of customers, and no self-service vending machines he is the business all day long 24 hours, will not let you miss any money the opportunity.Advantage 5 unsalable products can be returnedIn our Beige international customers accidentally bought a lot of adult supplies, backlog of goods can be returned, as long as the product packaging is not damaged, not expired, does not affect the two sales can be. Because we have more than 2000 stores nationwide, the products are very good exchange.Advantage 6 no sales, avoid embarrassmentThe traditional people are shy of sales for most young people, they tend to feel shy openings to ask what size, taste, is to make money, took things away, someone was chasing her for a lot of people like the back. Feel embarrassed, but no one can avoid the self-service vending, the full area, customers can choose from to live, what to buy what to buy, no longer afraid, buy the wrong size.Advantage 7, no shop assistants, no managementDoes not need the personnel in charge of, the customer can buy yourself in, buy the machine above all, without the need for personnel to guide does not need us to take care of the store so there is no need to spend our time in the busy busy, what what, easy to make money at home.Advantage 8 free use of machines, deposit refundableThe machine is free to use the deposit, but it can be refunded!Advantage 9 nanny style managementWe are a one-stop nanny service, from the location to the decoration, do not need customers to bother any idea. Our professional marketing Commissioner will help you out of trouble, according to the customer’s consumption level, consumer habits, consumer tastes, decoration site selection.Advantage 10 machine lifelong maintenance freeAfter the customer to cooperate with us, we are free of machine maintenance and repair, and we will have a professional marketing specialist is not regular, to give you a check to your local machine wear degree of timely maintenance, are permanently free.

Actress climax depends entirely on acting? The AV rod indicates disagreement!

Editor’s note: AV stick can be considered a kind of Fun Jumping eggs – long jump eggs. Originally, the AV stick was designed for teasing, but it attracted many women’s attention because of its powerful function and became a popular hobby. AV bars are popular among consumers, mainly attributed to the following advantages: simple and fashionable shape, popular with the public. Compact shape, easy to carry and use. Head adjustable design, optional bending angle, massage position for you to pick. On the understanding of user needs this, profiteers are never home.”If I asked customers what they wanted, they would tell me: a faster horse,” Ford said.Jobss said: people do not know what they want until you show it to them, they will understand.A shy public mouth too straight attributes, traders have learned by heart.For example, learning machine bully: 99% people buy to play the game, but the learning machine poster.Another example is the big baby:99% of the people bought it in a completely different part of the advertising campaign…Is the massage stick really that good? If not a little strength, how can a foothold? This is a hundred years of history after the baptism of the baby ~!There are many kinds of massage sticks. Today, let’s talk about “AV stick”, a kind of stick known to us in the 1980s.AV stick, like its name, because it broke out in AV a day, because of its great power, and then walked out of the island gate, to the world.Hitachi (Hitachi) Company in 1968 produced a Magic Wand HV-250R type massage stick, originally propaganda is massage to relax the results when Betty Dodson of the famous experts teach you: this thing can do some things Oh shame. So, out of control, this massage stick swept the United States more than 40 years, has also been named in 2013, “the most popular female sex toys.””Question 1: a lot of people who have not used to ask the club head so big, and can not go, can be useful?Of course, many people don’t know. For women, the most exciting thing is not to get in… It’s “outdoor” sports!Research on “the Heidi Heidi report:” only 26% of the female orgasm in sexual life, the climax of hard work has nothing to do with most men, but by his wife to rub her clitoris the clitoris is the real orgasm switch.Knock on the blackboard: AV stick is external use special stimulate small Doudou, vibration force than the general vibration bar is much stronger, AV stick exists for small Doudou fast climax.Question 2: where is the clitoris?There’s no such thing as a complex or familiar saying, so that you know where it is. The female clitoris on both sides of the labia majora (that is, outside see directly the bud) at the confluence of a cylindrical organs, protected by the foreskin of the clitoris, 2-4 cm. The clitoris has a rounded glans at the end, very, very sensitive.The clitoris is an artifact organ. The reason for its existence is to stimulate the sexual desire and pleasure of women. It is recommended that the AV stick sign choose a better head.Question mark 3: “well, what are the features of the big baby on the market now?”AV stick with big headBig head don’t worry about the rain, they have an umbrella, I have a big head, AV vibrator characteristic is big, so it is not the body into the body!! not! This big head just outside stimulation of the genitals, the most important thing is to stimulate the female clitoris. What does “big head” mean? Do you think of the terrain, wide coverage, AV rod massage is uneven, middle is sunken, a good brand of round head can form various embedded hollow, contact, give a full range of stimulation. Seem to take care of every nook and cranny below, and perfectly fit it.Because the big head is the essence of the AV stick, so many businesses will do Kung Fu on the big head.Here are some of the more distinctive ones:Live big headYes, the current stimulus, while a cup of vibration shock, AV rod can play hardcore, see here, Yang Yong X to produce magnetic infantry to his knees.Variable headVarying degrees of frequency gave little sister more stimulation. There are two kinds of frequency conversion modes, manual frequency conversion and intelligent frequency conversion mode. Intelligent variable frequency AV bars need to be used in conjunction with the APP, which intelligently regulates the frequency of your orgasm at hand.Warmed headCan be heated, in the winter use, not afraid of freezing little sister,”Cold G2 in the face of random pats, warm love liquid mixed with ice water”There’s no need to worry about that.A nimble headThe head of a AV bar is flexible. All kinds of press, pull, twist and stretch, the left hand is not convenient, the right hand is not changed during use, and the big part is twisted to the other side. When you want to exert, twist your big head to the right angle of 90 degrees, and use the edge to strengthen it. The stick can be adjusted 360 degrees to fit the angle you take. AV can fit into all kinds of postures. Sitting, standing, lying, lying, it is a perfect experience.Humanized anti hand acid designThe motor unit AV rod is placed on the head, fully concentrated fire service for you, the vibration strength should not be overlooked, so the AV rod is also a big feature, it is with a long handle, let you use up more comfortable, not like the same no cake Tiaodan, tide, hand has been numb.The handle can help you grip more tightly and more smoothly. It’s human, wooden, good at hand, and I have it.Question mark 4: buy, buy, buy1., the first purchase AV shake bar, certainly choose to go to regular channels to buy brand stick.2., of course, for the first time do not need to buy too expensive brands, etc., and slowly find their own needs, and then choose the higher order, relatively good toys.The size of the 3.AV rods is also important, not the big ones or the best ones.4. small stick is the foundation, the price is not expensive, little features, suitable for beginners to try.5. big AV sticks stimulate small peas, can quickly climax.6., Oriental women apply vibration bar size, diameter in 3 ~ 3.3 cm is better, or according to their actual physical sense to buy.7. primary users are not advised to choose products that function to design products that are too complex, such as electric shocks with SM colors.Question number 5: charging modeCharging in different ways can also affect the use of AV bars.1. has been required to plug in, will affect the use of space and posture unlock;2., charging should always pay attention to power consumption, to avoid the critical moment is thrown cold water;3., what time has battery made toys, batteries that point enough to make you do? (only for the massage stick)Anyway, AV is very suitable for use even great foreplay, your mood is not too good not to think of lovemaking, it can quickly stir your desire, let you want to more more more……

Without a career of its own, life would not be perfect

Abstract: to say that currently the hottest TV drama, it must not “my former life is, even the national goddess Zhao Liying in” Chu Joe “into the main men’s top sugar stage, also still can’t stop” my former life ratings lead, really reached no drama able to contend with the state. In fact, objectively speaking, the first half of this drama compared with other “drama king” is really bland: both… To say the most fire drama, it must not “my former life is, even the national goddess Zhao Liying in” Chu Joe “into the main men’s top sugar order also, still can’t stop” my former life ratings lead, really reached no drama to contend with the state.In fact, objectively speaking, the first half of this drama compared with other “drama king” is really bland: neither flow nor niche, women have flourishing beauty, but not for the audience YY love story, almost is around us these California, housewives daily. However, because it is too real, true like in their own side of what happened, almost everyone can find their own shadow from the play, especially for many married women especially women such as the pre full-time housewives, the show fully reveal their psychological panic — although the family economic conditions good, but always afraid of being abandoned by her husband and lose it all. Can really understand, not a water, if not the mouth fixed life well, really can immediately feel the threat from living conditions.So, its daily moderate day why don’t feel alarmed, brave, go to work out a career for myself? A person with a career, she will not only earn the money back, more dignity. Just like “my first half of life,” the woman who had been hated by everyone, after the improvement of the work, she also regained all the people, including her ex husband, respect for him.However, TV opera with some exaggerated plot, for most of us, nearly forty years into the workplace is simply not possible to turn the tide. The best way to life and want to make a comeback, is the business!Internet era, entrepreneurship has become more simple, even if only with a cell phone, sent friends circle selling products, but also count on self-reliance. But the problem is that now almost all industries are saturated with the market. What industry can we start as soon as possible and make a quick profit?Adult products are a good choice. 0″Maybe a lot of people will wonder? Can this kind of industry make money? Will you be laughed at by relatives and friends?First, the Adult supplies industry present development condition, does not want to make money more difficult; second, so concerned about the relatives and friends of the eye, so I hope someday you and these relatives and friends can give you all the help, you become the source of economic.China opened from the first formal adult goods store until 2016. It has been around for more than twenty years. Although it has been improving, it seems that there has been no explosive development. However, this insipid phenomenon, from 2017, that is, this year, basically ended.An industry can not become the mainstream industry, the first is to look at the consumer recognition and demand, which we can use the data to prove: the consumer is not only love but not previously recognized Adult supplies, “the product” in the elderly have begun through the network, the store to buy it. Interest products are not only used to solve the physiological needs of ordinary commodities, but also to maintain the feelings of husband and wife, lovers strong bridge, so the market demand is self-evident.Secondly, we must look at the attitude of the state and the government. Perhaps our history has been rewritten since this year because of our long-standing conservatism and the lack of explicit recognition and support from the state and the government.Last weekend, the first 2017 Chinese Guanyun adult exhibition is carried out in the government’s strong support, sponsored by the Guanyun government, Bai Xiao cat – Network Co, made a very good market response. Although the number of exhibitors is small, they are well-known enterprises both at home and abroad. The show attracted major media coverage, but also for everyone to see – adult products are being recognized by the government gesture, aboveboard, among the market economy industry! 0″ 0″It is understood that the market has 70% of sexy underwear are from Guanyun county production, so the government to host such a show is bound to hope that their sexy lingerie to a higher stage, more attention. So we believe that the next class of county and municipal adult show more and more, when people no longer wearing “tainted glasses” Adult supplies, so we as entrepreneurs, Adult supplies store operators, will usher in greater market.In addition, Jincheng Group received government support will make the adult happy town. The project site is located in the town of Jincheng happiness in Zhejiang Haiyan Town, composed of R

Female CEO endorsement appeal products, opened the first taste products industry

Abstract: a “certain female CEO personally speak company supplies the news caused a great disturbance in the network, for a time, * * four, have speculated that, indeed, the female identity CEO plus fun supplies industry, a lot of people are full of doubts. 0″In March 7th, a “certain female CEO personally speak company supplies the news caused a great disturbance in the network, for a time, * * four, have speculated that, indeed, the female identity CEO plus fun supplies industry, a lot of people are full of doubts.Reporters after understanding that the person named Yang Na, also known as the 70 network after taste sister, after it is separated by air because Ma Jiajia has become an Internet sensation, and interesting sister Yang Nazheng is “frantic edge” spokesperson.Every woman has courageBut from the introduction of “frenzied edge” to the decision to speak personally, I have to admit that this is a big ideological span. As everyone knows, the sex toys industry is an obscure private industry, although in recent years, as people’s minds open, fun supplies industry has “moving” signs, but the female identity of the practitioners, is still full of “alien sex toys industry”. 0″In addition, but also face the family’s views, friends * *, not only that, according to informed sources, in order to verify the “frantic edge” effect and quality, Yang Na even personally involved in the product trial, and sales, Yang Na also used their experience with the customer communication * *.Have to say, from the original company executives do not give up a * *, low-key join sex toys industry, and then to today’s high-profile endorsements taste brand “frantic edge”, Yang Na with amazing courage, launched a challenge to the traditional concept.What makes a sister choose to speak “crazy edge”?However, we still doubt, what is the reason for the identity of Yang Na CEO, you can ignore the surrounding * * *, adhere to choose to personally speak of “frenzied edge”?Informed sources said, in fact, the quality of product excellence, and ultimately let Yang Na make up his mind to speak personally. Published in the official website of the “frantic edge” letter from Yang Na “I’m crazy for you, dear you” in the passage, said Yang Na:”I choose to do their own endorsement of the product, I hope you can send a message to consumers: the Chinese Adult supplies industry has begun to brand marketing era, and the strength of the brand, need to take the quality of speech, I am confident enough in my products, there are 100% responsible attitude to consumers, I the endorsement is positive” on the quality of the product is the most powerful taste sister Yang Na wrote. From Yang Na’s sincere and unadorned style of writing, it is not difficult to see her confidence in the product.Anyway, taste sister Yang Na is destined to be an indelible symbol of sex toys industry, the “CEO” endorsement fun supplies initiatives, is also the first sex toys industry precedent, and the consumer’s point of view, we hope that the quality of the products to afford to pay Yang Na! hollow penis sleeve with vibration can shake the invisible man d

2014, Munich, Germany adult model, large-scale suction eye

Abstract: as everyone knows, the treatment is abroad, in the domestic popular argument is consulting, mainly used for the treatment of male and female sexual dysfunction and solve all kinds of questions. Sexual therapy lacks its own theoretical basis. It is a new method that combines medicine and psychotherapy for correction techniques. 0″As everyone knows, the treatment is abroad, in the domestic popular argument is consulting, mainly used for the treatment of male and female sexual dysfunction and solve all kinds of questions. Sexual therapy lacks its own theoretical basis. It is a new method that combines medicine and psychotherapy for correction techniques.Worldwide, sexual therapy has been accepted in many countries. But in China, sex therapists who have been engaged in this profession have not yet become a nationally recognized profession. They have not yet been recognized by labour and women, and lack of industry standards. There are even extreme incidents of sexual therapists being treated for mass murder. Sex therapists are very diverse, and many therapists walk away from the obscure area of regulation and ethics and offer good sexual therapy services. Despite this, sex therapy has quietly developed into a secretive and vast industry. This may not be a unique phenomenon in china. In the United States, the rate of diagnosis has soared from 7% to 40% since the birth of viagra. Although Woods, a golf star, received 6 weeks of “sex addiction” treatment at the pine clinic, sexual addiction as a disease has not yet been recognized by the mainstream medical community.In this regard, sociologists believe that in the framework of the “medicine”, since twentieth Century, has been the focus of medical treatment and intervention category, and is a very serious “problem” and “stigma”. The cognition of “medicine” will inevitably bring medical “correction and treatment”, and even become the only solution.However, the criticism of sociologists can not prevent the development of sexual therapy industry. In addition to being driven by economic benefits, trends from the instrumental rationality in the social culture Chinese process completely hedonistic, adhering to the “even if the medicine does not knock” rule, people will be more personal trouble and actively seek solutions. 0″A senior therapist told reporters that the treatment will focus on some treatment caused by sexual psychology, sexual physiology, sexual behavior and sexual relationship problems and difficulties, to assist the parties out of their problems and troubles, unless the therapist itself has the qualifications, or can not open any drugs to the party. If a therapist believes that the patient’s problem is related to physiology, he advises the client to seek medical attention.He said that if he thinks some of AIDS can improve or improve interest, will also advise the parties, but must consider the acceptance of each other * * and avoid excessive dependence on the apparatus. In addition, he will also be in accordance with the needs and circumstances of the parties, the position, Professor caressing skill skill, to improve the quality of life of all, but the skills are limited to the parties tried to go home and practice, do demonstration. The therapist does not have any physical contact with the client in order to ensure the safety of the patient. There is a clear line in the whole course of the treatment, which is the professional ethics that the therapist must follow.

Erofame 2014 live exhibition, Hannover, Germany

Abstract: is it true that every time I feel attentive, I wonder if it is safe or pregnant? Not yet ready to have a baby, Mary is worried: contraception is a condom, or take medicine, or in vitro platoon good? Is there a better and more convenient way? After her friend AMY learned, she was introduced to the invisible condom. stealth condoms have been popular in the United States since 2004; a form of active contraception for women. The essence is a foam made with nanotechnology and food grade foam technology. This kind of micro bubble like mousse in the vagina to form a physical barrier and chemical barrier, not absorbed, not involved in the metabolism, does not affect the vaginal Ph value, good contraception, lubrication and three antibacterial effect one, at the same time, it is not to feel in the body, did not affect the life of pleasure. It is called “invisible condoms”. After testing, invisible condoms diluted 6 times and 30 times, 1 minutes can make * * * mortality rate of 100%. Invisible condoms, safe contraception, and increased interest. At present, the most common methods of contraception are condoms, contraceptives, and in vitro ejaculation. However, these methods are unsatisfactory. Condoms can be a good contraceptive, but many people are very resistant to it. According to incomplete statistics, more than 80% of men do not like using condoms. The side effects of the pill is known, due to the presence of women taking contraceptive hormones, will appear after the body fat, weight gain, rough skin, in addition to nausea, vomiting, menstrual disorder. In particular, emergency contraception can only be used once a month, excessive and frequent use will cause damage to the body, and even affect fertility. As for the elimination of sperm in vitro, this method has a high rate of failure and affects male health. So, is there a safe and humane way of contraception? Invisible condoms can overcome the disadvantages of the above methods of contraception, not only can safely contraception, but also enhance lubrication, improve the quality of sexual life and fun. First of all, the invisible condom is double shielding contraception, a foam filled the vagina and cervix, forming a physical barrier, prevent the penis into the womb; on the other hand, the surfactant RH4 dissolved matter and the * * * * lipid inactivated, so as to achieve effective contraception. Secondly, the foam forms a protective film on the vaginal wall, which effectively prevents the possible invasion of the virus. It has a good lubrication effect, not only prevents injury, but also improves the quality and interest of sexual life. Invisible condom is best to use invisible condom 3 minutes before sexual intercourse, how should use correctly? Since the foam takes time to film in the body, it is better to spray it into the vagina 3 to 5 minutes before sex. In order to enhance the effect of contraception, 1 or 5 minutes after intercourse can be used again. Before use, the upper and lower shock using; guide rod small end is inserted into the tank top nozzle hole; inverted tank, the guide rod end is slowly inserted into the vaginal cavity inside, the guide rod is inserted into the vagina to 6-8 cm, full of vagina with the index finger to press the nozzle until the bubble jet (to the extent of the vagina, and then just overflow) will guide pulling rod. The guide rod is cleaned with water after use, and can be used many times. 39 Health Network Editor reminded: allergic persons are careful with invisible condoms; pregnant women and women disabled during menstruation. In addition, in the purchase of invisible condoms, in addition to attention to regular pharmacies, shopping malls to buy, but also should pay special attention to whether the product packaging “medical device production and registration permit”. Take from behind-Adult sex toys

Gphl Baiyun Mountain officially listed iron Ma

Abstract: Iron Mary gphl Baiyun Mountain officially listed. following Baiyun Mountain armored stunning * * * * September 29th, Guangzhou, Baiyun Mountain and yellow Health Limited launched Baiyun Mountain iron Ma also officially * *. “Ge” and “iron Mary” a western medicine, from a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, the two formed gphl Baiyun Mountain strong product line, with the Baiyun Mountain and Hutchison Whampoa  strong sales network and channel advantages, and endeavour to 5 to 1 billion yuan sales target. Listed in the press conference, the Nobel prize winner Ferid Murad personally opened the mystery of “Baiyun Mountain iron Mary”, Dr. Murad said, very confident about the future market prospects of Baiyun Mountain iron ma.

Jiangsu radio station was invaded, 30 thousand loudspeakers, late night broadcast of sex products advertising

Abstract: a radio station in Jiangsu was invaded and 30 thousand loudspeakers were broadcast late at night. 0″Recently, Jiangsu Yancheng Dongtai Fu’an town sericulturist are often in the middle of the night was broadcast wake up, listen carefully, are selling products and pharmaceuticals and vulgar advertisements, sericulturist scrambled for town radio station reflect. After investigation, the radio station decided that it was illegal for the criminals to use radio transmission to interfere with the frequency of FM broadcasting in the broadcasting station, but the source of the signal could not be found. Recently, the Yancheng City Radio Regulatory Commission experts use radio monitoring special vehicles, found in the vicinity of Nantong Haian County emitter, the case was transferred to the Nantong processing. Yesterday, reporters learned that the Chevalier town on a total of nearly 30 thousand FM speakers, this incident to the town of nearly 100 thousand people, at present, residents have returned to normal broadcasting. In the end who installed the transmitter, the relevant departments of Haian county is still looking for clues.The night was broadcast by sericulturist”Noisy, we still have to work early tomorrow. Why can’t you turn off the radio? It’s still playing commercials.”.” One night in late September, Dongtai Fu’an town radio station suddenly received a call from “Ding Zhuang Cun village, the sound noisy, also cannot shut out of order, some things are broadcast.” Not only that, the villagers in other towns in the city also called or asked the broadcasting technicians, all of which reflected the broadcast late at night.A group of a village villager surnamed Li told reporters that the nuisance not only occurred in the middle of the night before 12, every day at 4 o’clock to 5:30, the radio constantly playing to sell sex products, pharmaceutical advertising, so we are very tired. At first, the radio station staff also confused, check equipment have been closed, can be broadcast or in repeatedly playing vulgar advertisement.The Dongtai people’s broadcasting station was finished by 9:10 pm. It didn’t start until 5:25 in the morning. What was the ad?There are nearly 30 thousand trumpets in the townThe reporter understands, Fu’an town is located in the South Gate of Yancheng City, at the junction of Nantong and Haian County, the town of nearly 100 thousand people, 90% households rely on sericulture subsistence. “Home farming and mulberry planting are mainly older adults, and the level of education is not very high, they need technology mainly by listening to lectures on radio technology.”.” According to Fu Zhen responsible person, for so many years, the local farmer who are accustomed to learning technology from the broadcast, the local villagers also said, “better to be a loud speaker, not an incompetent cadres.”To this end, Fu An Zhen from 1993 at the beginning of the development of cable TV, on the realization of the broadcast television cable network. “Over the years, we have not paid any fees to the local people on the radio.”.” Fu Zhen relevant responsible person said that the town is broadcast over the years to spread agricultural production technology the most important and the most direct and most effective tool, is loved by the majority of farmers and friends.According to statistics, the town now has FM Fu’an horn near 30000, some farmers not only install the horn in the residential and they install the horn in the kitchen or in more than 100% households rate cocoonery. Because the speakers of the household are electrified, and there is no switch, as long as the city of Dongtai or each town has a radio station (station) to transmit frequency, speakers will automatically broadcast the program. “We have two speakers for home improvement.”.” Cannong to uncle told reporters, in order to listen to a lecture, do not delay his work, his home in Jamsil also installed a horn.Multi seeking interference signal source”The farmer friend cannot do without the radio, and the radio interference phenomenon not only in history ever, broadcast content seriously affect the audience’s physical and mental health, but also seriously affected the broadcast time of the hard work of farmers have been friends of the rest, ignorance of the true audience mistakenly think that radio and television departments in order to reap benefits. Broadcast unhealthy content, serious damage to the good image of the radio and television department.” Immediately, the town radio station sent all the officers to their respective areas to investigate the actual situation.According to careful farmers reflect, advertising only contact phone, no sales address, there is no way to check. After analysis and judgment by the staff, the advertisement signal source has the power of wireless emission and the frequency is the same as or similar to that of the FM broadcast in this town.In October 7th, Fu’an town radio station will report to the higher authorities for the above situation, request support interference signal source. Dongtai radio and television also invited the radio management committee of Yancheng City professional and technical personnel. The afternoon of October 9th, experts on the special radio monitoring car came to the town of fu’an.”8:45 that evening, the experts open testing equipment, starting from Fu’an town radio room, along with the signal to the southwest road.” According to people involved in the search for signals from said, starting around 10 kilometers, radio monitoring special vehicle track to Haian County town of Nantong City Jianghai Road a 36 storey building, 6 meters high transmitter was found in the roof, then Yancheng and Nantong experts in related department made contact, ask them come to dispose of. Two in the morning, the case was handed over to Nantong.The whole town has returned to normalYesterday, the reporter learned that, at present, Dongtai Fu’an town radio has returned to normal. Nantong Haian County authorities said that the signal has stopped interference, as yet has not yet found a specific suspect, is still under surveillance and tracking.The units involved in the case or the responsible person without approval, illegal use of radio advertising, illegal access to benefits, disrupting the normal order of radio, mislead the audience, violated the national radio management system, has even violated China’s criminal law, should be subject to legal sanctions.” Jiangsu Hongtu firm lawyers said Liu Youcai, according to China’s “radio management regulations” provisions of the establishment and use of radio (station) units and individuals must submit a written application for the establishment of stations (stations) examination and approval procedures, to receive radio license. Only if the prescribed conditions are met and the statutory approval procedures are followed can the work be carried out in accordance with the approved items, and no signals not related to the work shall be sent and received.Liu Youcai said that China’s criminal law provisions of article 288th of the definition of sentencing and disrupt radio communications management order crime, that is in violation of state regulations, unauthorized settings, use the radio (station), or unauthorized use of the frequency, shall be ordered to stop the use after refusing to stop using, disrupting the normal operation of radio communications, causing serious consequences, three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control, or impose a fine gold. If a unit commits the crime mentioned in the preceding paragraph, it shall be fined, and the persons directly in charge and other directly responsible personnel shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, “if communication involves the foul * * content, and widespread influence is bad, need to be severely punished.”And pseudo base station what are the similarities and differences?Pseudo base station is an illegal radio station, can cut the signal around the mobile phone and the base station communication operators connected anywhere, and forged any caller number or code, pseudo base station is good at camouflage, impossible to guard against, to the surrounding mobile phone lock group send SMS fraud. Moreover, the concealment is strong, and can be fixed or placed, such as in a car or even an electric bicycle.”They are all wirelessly transmitted.” Yancheng City radio experts said that the pseudo base station is short message transmitted by wireless, the receiving device is mobile phone, and broadcast interference is transmitted by wireless frequency, the receiving equipment is a loudspeaker. Mobile phone data dissemination error, a number can not receive, but as long as everyone’s horn FM is the same frequency, interference, all speakers are sounded.According to experts, the current radio interference and pseudo base station less legal provisions, and penalties are weak, illegal criminals lower costs, leading to such illegal behavior is on the rise. The State shall formulate appropriate laws to increase penalties for unauthorized use and interference of radio interference.