Love needs care, how to feel different “sex” blessing

Editor’s note: many people say that a harmonious sex life is an important link to maintain a relationship, it sounds like there is no reason, but in fact it is true. “The natural instincts of man, shisexingye”, so that “nature” is an essential thing in life, people in the pursuit of a more perfect and the ultimate blessing of “sex”, so there is the emergence of sex toys, with the concept of modern people more and more open, fun activities will gradually become a necessity in people’s lives. And no longer need to “hide”. Life is full of frustration, more than joy. How to find their own happiness in the short life is the direction of our efforts. The diversity of life can make up for emptiness and loneliness, we have the art of vision and hearing. Painting brings us the enjoyment of thinking and beauty, music brings us the mood to relax, warm, beautiful, expectations, etc.. Love can bring too many disruptive change, can let you out, you can love people all even life.

Supervisor shoot two young bumperyears grade violence to steal Adult supplies store

Abstract: more than two o’clock in the morning of the new year’s day, is located in Ji’nan Austin community an adult store stolen. The store vending machine and the glass was smashed, stolen goods store a total cost in the more than 2 thousand block. From the owner of the surveillance video, the two thieves are not old, at around fifteen years old. They wore peep, agility, holding a hammer, force at the vending machine glass. In just a few minutes, the shelves are all fun supplies two children into their own pockets. sexy wear

How to use sex to improve the quality of sex life

Abstract: the use of sex toys in the married life, help to improve the quality of life of husband and wife in a certain extent, add fun to life of husband and wife, especially for married couples when love fade passion change Pro excess of love, proper use can bring fresh feeling, love the world once again full of passion, too can bring positive effects to health. The use of sex toys couples should pay attention to what we know, then: 0″ use of sex products in married life, help to improve the quality of life of husband and wife in a certain extent, add more fun to the married life, especially marriage many couples passion fade became parents extra love, proper use can bring fresh, passionate love in the world again, can also bring positive effects to health. The use of sex toys couples should pay attention to what we know, following: step one, use the method / Note: 1, open just bought sex toys, be sure to look at the product specifications, understand the use of methods and precautions, especially in body taste products, we must understand the item is waterproof manual or electric, or other purposes, and how to use the. 2, the use of sex products, the best choice when the body is in good condition. Physical condition is not good, such as illness, cold, stay up late, local pain, bad mood…… Recommended not to use, do not force themselves, to adapt to the feelings of the body. The use of sex toys is only a couple of life. PS: you need to know where this product is used, don’t put it in the wrong place. If the wrong place, the effect may not be right. Two, 1, to buy condoms, pay attention to when purchasing must buy, the size and function must be suitable for their own, not because of some products in the discount on the purchase of what is not suitable for their own, such as a brand of condoms is applicable to the age of 20, so choose a suitable for your will very important. 2, fun items to buy, you can not blindly seek stimulation or cheap, while ignoring the importance of the material, otherwise easy to cause the accident due to the quality of supplies or for you and your partner body damage. For example, men’s rings used for too long will lead to cell necrosis, prostate disease and other phenomena. In addition, the poor material massage stick or men’s ring, prone to break or fall off the situation, so the purchase, must be multi considerations, not only for self defeating! Three, the use of husband and wife to use the product when the use of lubricating oil, such as the use of husband and wife fun products for a long time, will be caused by excessive friction of male and female organs caused by a variety of swelling pain, inflammation, and even serious harm to health. The use of lubricating oil, through the effective reduction of friction, the best solution to this problem, so that you can enjoy the fun for a long time without having to worry about reproductive health. Four, because most of the cleaning supplies will directly contact with sexual organs, so in the cleaning, need to be extra careful. If the appeal is not a one-time items, it should be in after each use, clean, dry temperature and boiling water if it is clean application of silicone type is lower than 80 DEG C; and enter the body of sex toys, condom use to collocation. Note that the use of sex toys than to increase the couple’s life to stimulate and enhance the feelings of husband and wife, but the effect of excessive use will no longer exist, and even resentment. The most important thing is the relationship between husband and wife.

New York sex education: students to carry out all condoms brand

Recently, New York public schools in the United States for the first time in nearly 20 years, sex education courses as a required course. Students will also be able to list the brand of condoms on the store shelves, comparing their prices and lubrication. New York City Board of education and the health bureau also co employed condom coordinator, annual salary of $80 thousand, to distribute condoms to primary and secondary school students. New York public schools in the United States for the first time in nearly 20 years for the first time sex education courses as a required course. It was supposed to be a good thing. However, the media disclosed some course content: large scale was impressive, immediately caused a great disturbance. This course looks extremely terrible. A mother summed up. It is reported that the minimum school-age children in the course of 11 years, but the content is astounding. For example, students aged 11 and 12 were asked to determine the risk level of sexual behavior, including condom use, lubricant life and French kissing. The course also recommends that young people learn to use some resources, such as the Columbia University website, “ask Alice” column to consult knowledge. In addition, students need to learn to go to the clinic, to participate in birth control and STD testing; students will be able to list the list of condoms on the store shelves, compare their prices and lubrication functions, etc.. Media also revealed that the New York Municipal Bureau of education and the health bureau also cooperate to hire condom coordinator, annual salary of $80 thousand, to the primary and secondary school students to distribute condoms. These things make New York’s parents [micro-blog] are not surprised, before the school to provide compulsory education support gradually turned into concern. Some media bluntly, this explicit education “is not only useless, but harmful”. A parent complained: there are a lot of things that I and my husband have not tried, why should the Education Bureau to teach children? There’s a Japanese American parents “Alice questions” section is quite critical, she said do not know this website will tell the children how much detail, I am afraid the children know too much addicted. Some Catholic institutions and web sites are even more scathing. However, there are some relatively enlightened parents. I think it’s a good idea. A child’s father is not very concerned about the schedule. Faced with the challenge of the New York Education Bureau, said: this approach is mainly to prevent unwanted pregnancies or the spread of diseases such as AIDS, it is necessary to produce these “roots” teach young children. The course in addition to some of the more in-depth education, abstinence also was professor ranks. We’re teaching kids to postpone sex. If they choose to start, they will learn the right way. However, although the sex education class nominally compulsory, in fact, parents have the right to choose their children. When the teacher talked about contraception, parents can choose to let the children do not listen, because many parents and religion on the existence of other methods of contraception. Although western countries have given a general impression of us is avant-garde open, but involves such a course, it is also beyond our tolerance range, is now no matter which country sex education, are popular in the embarrassing situation, many students tasting the forbidden fruit, finally brought great harm to both sides, according to U. S. centers for disease control study showed that 41% of young people in New York city that have had sex in Grade 9, but 58% said in grade 12 had sex, the sex ratio of students of African American and Latino high. The report said that the two ethnic groups of young girls are more likely to be pregnant, but also susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases or aids. Another statistics show that one in every 4 15-19 year old girls in the United States is infected with sexually transmitted diseases. The infection rate was 50%. So tell them how to protect themselves, safety education is not very explicit, is very necessary.

Guangzhou consumer goods market 3.15 consumer rights day

Abstract: in order to promote the healthy development of the market economy, protect the healthy growth of enterprises, safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of consumers are not infringed, create a fair, impartial and honest business environment for consumption, Adult supplies market in Guangdong in March held the 3.15 Consumer Rights Day “activities. Theme: hand in hand, enjoy consumption.