Inflatable dolls also have three new board! Not only for men

Editor’s note: with the gradual opening of human nature in the country, there seems to be a dawn of excitement in the previously fascinating industry. According to the Sino Thai Securities Research Report, in 2014, the entire domestic interest products output value of about 80 billion, in 2015 is expected to have exceeded 100 billion, the domestic interest products market has become another neglected billion market. Analysys think tank “China adult products B2C Market Research Report 2015” shows that in 2014, China’s adult products B2C market transactions reached 3 billion 380 million yuan, is expected in 2017 will be more than 12 billion yuan. Maybe you should say the new board scored sex products company “grace” recently, another fun supplies manufacturers to the new board of the olive branch. Plans to bring their own “inflatable doll” to come three new board.

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