How do entrepreneurs get out of the new idea of adult supplies industry

Editor’s note: many friends in the plan to run the entity shop, the first thing is to find a lot of good, large flow of shops. Although the idea is no problem, good store location does have a certain influence on future profits, but such a shop often means high rents, some even need a “high price” transfer fee…… In fact, the shop is not necessarily in the busy downtown areas, such as adult goods stores, ordinary lots, you can easily profit. Self-service shopAdvantage 1 no busy lotAdult supplies store is not too busy, the location is very important, we have professional international Beige marketing specialist in this area, to help the franchisee, select the address, they have professional knowledge and rich experience is the client does not need to worry about.Advantage 2 don’t quit, do it exclusivelyStores do not need to be taken care of, without any personal guidance, customers to buy their own, self-service, do not need to resign to do!Advantage 3 without any inventoryNo self-service vending machine, do not need any inventory, as long as the cabinet box filled with can, do not need to enter a large number of goods, but also avoids the large backlog of products, reduce the loss of customers.Advantages are closed for 424 hoursThe traditional Adult supplies store Business Hours at 18 hours, and at the best time Adult supplies business is often in the middle of the night is when the traditional Adult supplies store closed, missing the majority of customers, and no self-service vending machines he is the business all day long 24 hours, will not let you miss any money the opportunity.Advantage 5 unsalable products can be returnedIn our Beige international customers accidentally bought a lot of adult supplies, backlog of goods can be returned, as long as the product packaging is not damaged, not expired, does not affect the two sales can be. Because we have more than 2000 stores nationwide, the products are very good exchange.Advantage 6 no sales, avoid embarrassmentThe traditional people are shy of sales for most young people, they tend to feel shy openings to ask what size, taste, is to make money, took things away, someone was chasing her for a lot of people like the back. Feel embarrassed, but no one can avoid the self-service vending, the full area, customers can choose from to live, what to buy what to buy, no longer afraid, buy the wrong size.Advantage 7, no shop assistants, no managementDoes not need the personnel in charge of, the customer can buy yourself in, buy the machine above all, without the need for personnel to guide does not need us to take care of the store so there is no need to spend our time in the busy busy, what what, easy to make money at home.Advantage 8 free use of machines, deposit refundableThe machine is free to use the deposit, but it can be refunded!Advantage 9 nanny style managementWe are a one-stop nanny service, from the location to the decoration, do not need customers to bother any idea. Our professional marketing Commissioner will help you out of trouble, according to the customer’s consumption level, consumer habits, consumer tastes, decoration site selection.Advantage 10 machine lifelong maintenance freeAfter the customer to cooperate with us, we are free of machine maintenance and repair, and we will have a professional marketing specialist is not regular, to give you a check to your local machine wear degree of timely maintenance, are permanently free.