Jiangsu radio station was invaded, 30 thousand loudspeakers, late night broadcast of sex products advertising

Abstract: a radio station in Jiangsu was invaded and 30 thousand loudspeakers were broadcast late at night. 0″Recently, Jiangsu Yancheng Dongtai Fu’an town sericulturist are often in the middle of the night was broadcast wake up, listen carefully, are selling products and pharmaceuticals and vulgar advertisements, sericulturist scrambled for town radio station reflect. After investigation, the radio station decided that it was illegal for the criminals to use radio transmission to interfere with the frequency of FM broadcasting in the broadcasting station, but the source of the signal could not be found. Recently, the Yancheng City Radio Regulatory Commission experts use radio monitoring special vehicles, found in the vicinity of Nantong Haian County emitter, the case was transferred to the Nantong processing. Yesterday, reporters learned that the Chevalier town on a total of nearly 30 thousand FM speakers, this incident to the town of nearly 100 thousand people, at present, residents have returned to normal broadcasting. In the end who installed the transmitter, the relevant departments of Haian county is still looking for clues.The night was broadcast by sericulturist”Noisy, we still have to work early tomorrow. Why can’t you turn off the radio? It’s still playing commercials.”.” One night in late September, Dongtai Fu’an town radio station suddenly received a call from “Ding Zhuang Cun village, the sound noisy, also cannot shut out of order, some things are broadcast.” Not only that, the villagers in other towns in the city also called or asked the broadcasting technicians, all of which reflected the broadcast late at night.A group of a village villager surnamed Li told reporters that the nuisance not only occurred in the middle of the night before 12, every day at 4 o’clock to 5:30, the radio constantly playing to sell sex products, pharmaceutical advertising, so we are very tired. At first, the radio station staff also confused, check equipment have been closed, can be broadcast or in repeatedly playing vulgar advertisement.The Dongtai people’s broadcasting station was finished by 9:10 pm. It didn’t start until 5:25 in the morning. What was the ad?There are nearly 30 thousand trumpets in the townThe reporter understands, Fu’an town is located in the South Gate of Yancheng City, at the junction of Nantong and Haian County, the town of nearly 100 thousand people, 90% households rely on sericulture subsistence. “Home farming and mulberry planting are mainly older adults, and the level of education is not very high, they need technology mainly by listening to lectures on radio technology.”.” According to Fu Zhen responsible person, for so many years, the local farmer who are accustomed to learning technology from the broadcast, the local villagers also said, “better to be a loud speaker, not an incompetent cadres.”To this end, Fu An Zhen from 1993 at the beginning of the development of cable TV, on the realization of the broadcast television cable network. “Over the years, we have not paid any fees to the local people on the radio.”.” Fu Zhen relevant responsible person said that the town is broadcast over the years to spread agricultural production technology the most important and the most direct and most effective tool, is loved by the majority of farmers and friends.According to statistics, the town now has FM Fu’an horn near 30000, some farmers not only install the horn in the residential and they install the horn in the kitchen or in more than 100% households rate cocoonery. Because the speakers of the household are electrified, and there is no switch, as long as the city of Dongtai or each town has a radio station (station) to transmit frequency, speakers will automatically broadcast the program. “We have two speakers for home improvement.”.” Cannong to uncle told reporters, in order to listen to a lecture, do not delay his work, his home in Jamsil also installed a horn.Multi seeking interference signal source”The farmer friend cannot do without the radio, and the radio interference phenomenon not only in history ever, broadcast content seriously affect the audience’s physical and mental health, but also seriously affected the broadcast time of the hard work of farmers have been friends of the rest, ignorance of the true audience mistakenly think that radio and television departments in order to reap benefits. Broadcast unhealthy content, serious damage to the good image of the radio and television department.” Immediately, the town radio station sent all the officers to their respective areas to investigate the actual situation.According to careful farmers reflect, advertising only contact phone, no sales address, there is no way to check. After analysis and judgment by the staff, the advertisement signal source has the power of wireless emission and the frequency is the same as or similar to that of the FM broadcast in this town.In October 7th, Fu’an town radio station will report to the higher authorities for the above situation, request support interference signal source. Dongtai radio and television also invited the radio management committee of Yancheng City professional and technical personnel. The afternoon of October 9th, experts on the special radio monitoring car came to the town of fu’an.”8:45 that evening, the experts open testing equipment, starting from Fu’an town radio room, along with the signal to the southwest road.” According to people involved in the search for signals from said, starting around 10 kilometers, radio monitoring special vehicle track to Haian County town of Nantong City Jianghai Road a 36 storey building, 6 meters high transmitter was found in the roof, then Yancheng and Nantong experts in related department made contact, ask them come to dispose of. Two in the morning, the case was handed over to Nantong.The whole town has returned to normalYesterday, the reporter learned that, at present, Dongtai Fu’an town radio has returned to normal. Nantong Haian County authorities said that the signal has stopped interference, as yet has not yet found a specific suspect, is still under surveillance and tracking.The units involved in the case or the responsible person without approval, illegal use of radio advertising, illegal access to benefits, disrupting the normal order of radio, mislead the audience, violated the national radio management system, has even violated China’s criminal law, should be subject to legal sanctions.” Jiangsu Hongtu firm lawyers said Liu Youcai, according to China’s “radio management regulations” provisions of the establishment and use of radio (station) units and individuals must submit a written application for the establishment of stations (stations) examination and approval procedures, to receive radio license. Only if the prescribed conditions are met and the statutory approval procedures are followed can the work be carried out in accordance with the approved items, and no signals not related to the work shall be sent and received.Liu Youcai said that China’s criminal law provisions of article 288th of the definition of sentencing and disrupt radio communications management order crime, that is in violation of state regulations, unauthorized settings, use the radio (station), or unauthorized use of the frequency, shall be ordered to stop the use after refusing to stop using, disrupting the normal operation of radio communications, causing serious consequences, three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control, or impose a fine gold. If a unit commits the crime mentioned in the preceding paragraph, it shall be fined, and the persons directly in charge and other directly responsible personnel shall be punished in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, “if communication involves the foul * * content, and widespread influence is bad, need to be severely punished.”And pseudo base station what are the similarities and differences?Pseudo base station is an illegal radio station, can cut the signal around the mobile phone and the base station communication operators connected anywhere, and forged any caller number or code, pseudo base station is good at camouflage, impossible to guard against, to the surrounding mobile phone lock group send SMS fraud. Moreover, the concealment is strong, and can be fixed or placed, such as in a car or even an electric bicycle.”They are all wirelessly transmitted.” Yancheng City radio experts said that the pseudo base station is short message transmitted by wireless, the receiving device is mobile phone, and broadcast interference is transmitted by wireless frequency, the receiving equipment is a loudspeaker. Mobile phone data dissemination error, a number can not receive, but as long as everyone’s horn FM is the same frequency, interference, all speakers are sounded.According to experts, the current radio interference and pseudo base station less legal provisions, and penalties are weak, illegal criminals lower costs, leading to such illegal behavior is on the rise. The State shall formulate appropriate laws to increase penalties for unauthorized use and interference of radio interference.