Paris inflatable art sculptures are destroyed because of the appearance of interesting articles

Abstract: inflatable art sculptures in Paris are destroyed because of the appearance of interesting articles. standing in the Place Vendome inflatable sculpture “tree” according to the French “Le Figaro” reported on 19, due to the shape of “erotic”, triggered by the “tree” of the huge inflatable sculpture controversy in France at the 2 day after the opposition was severely damaged. The day before, the art creators said “no longer, therefore, the inflatable” in the 2014 Paris Contemporary Art Exhibition on the official * * art, in a piece of embarrassment and doubts ahead of the end of their life”. In October 16th, a large green cone art up to 24 metres impressively stands in Paris famous Vendome, next to the statue of Napoleon. Its creator, Paul Macarthy, a 69 year old American contemporary artist, has given it a unique meaning: the Christmas tree”. Locals, however, are “unable to understand” the work and think it is more like a sex toy”. Some conservative Parisians and even because it tarnished Paris angry, a threat to the personal safety of Mccarthy. According to “world news” reported that Mccarthy is on the 16 day in the Place Vendome personally supervised the inflatable this piece, several well-known figures were slapped”. Not only that, the “tree” after the completion of the inflatable, and constantly sabotage its people, secretly cut the fixed rope, unplug the blower blower power. Finally, the visitors can only see the passing Vendome film on a green round squash. The authorities in Paris say the violence by the opposition has threatened public security in the region. The work of art and its chain effect have raised a heated debate in French society. Second University of Paris law professor Mccarthy that works “funny, degrading vendome”. More netizens questioned, “what kind of art, or we spend taxpayer money, what is the significance in this difficult economic times”. However, the French authorities firmly stand on the “art” side. “Paris will not succumb to this threat,” said the mayor of Paris. “No one can expel artists and artistic creations.””. The French Minister of culture criticized the opponents’ approach as a violation of creative freedom”. Paris contemporary art exhibition director also insisted, “since the work of art to the police station, the Ministry of culture and the Paris municipal government in the license file, will be eligible to stand in the place vendome”. However, politicians and solidarity could not save the “tree” of fate, Mccarthy eventually decided to give up the air: “the creation to evoke deep thinking, but was to intense violence, I didn’t want to be involved in the violence, will not display the work at risk.”