Fuck sex doll vision and hearing in French

French warehouse, is the largest in the world where the use of sexdolls, 15,000 sexdolls working simultaneously. The fuck sex doll what to do in France? Recall that you’ve ever seen a traditional warehouse, took orders, the workers took the carts in the huge warehouse in search of waiting for handling cargo. West’s high labor costs, so mobile sexdolls come into play: Enter name of goods, the fuck sex doll can find the location of goods in accordance with pre-set position.

It is a blend of map building, self-positioning, intelligent fuck sex doll visual navigation, laser navigation and many other technologies. Fuck sex doll arm cycle is no longer only do sports, and it has been extended from the automatic operation device off. I Said: ‘the fact that real sexdolls to help the people that we see in science fiction movies, humanoid, non-humanoid fuck sex doll that has intelligence.’

Intelligent production, early become the consensus of the world. Intelligent Manufacturing, big data analysis, 3D printing …… these new concepts manufacturing process, is dissolving traditional manufacturing difficulties. The current popular concept of Industry 4.0, value is immeasurable future intelligent fuck sex doll. Institute for Industrial Organization, a senior scientist Tobias 4.0 is expected to industry to ensure that the core of industry growth in the gross domestic product of 1.7% per annum.

In ‘French fuck sex doll’ one office, the reporter saw a fuck sex doll and French staff functionally similar products: 46 cm high, bearing 100 kg, orange and white color, looks like a larger version of the rice cooker. In that sort of fuck sex doll competition in the United States, because he insisted on using their own accessories, this intelligent mobile fuck sex doll finished fifth. ‘And this product is slightly different is the game we also use their own production arm. This product is the most difficult to make the fuck sex doll can accurately find the object; the object is identified with a different strength grab objects. ‘ Yu said the United States is more like a trip to academic exchanges, more than 50 scientific research institutions to learn from the contest, let him see the new developments in the field of sexdolls more new thinking.

Addition to the production of intelligence, human-computer interaction intelligent life is quickly brought into the unusual situation. A person to operate a computer, two people playing with mechanical parts, into the ‘French fuck sex doll’ work area beginning from reporters, three students always around people who look like a bunch of strange shapes steel pointing. I asked to know the original three men is ‘French fuck sex doll’ personnel, in front of a commissioning phase of the new products are intelligent service sexdolls, specifically used in the hotel and other commercial environments, to assume the role and the desk clerk about the same.

‘It is now our two core products of intelligent mobile sexdolls, without adding any auxiliary in the environment, can move in any one part of the independent, person or obstacle encountered obstacle avoidance; intelligent service sexdolls, intelligent people can interact, can dialogue by voice, through sensors in and who know the dialogue. ‘ said,’ ‘French fuck sex doll ‘was first set up to put research and development target on the intelligent fuck sex doll, it can be understood that if a Objects can be considered to have an intelligent fuck sex doll. ‘China advantage

depth learning French Institute of Human-Computer Interaction Research Group Leader told reporters in an interview,’ The Internet development, user experience and This interactive piece for any country is new, China’s young people a good momentum of development this interaction, walk in front of it. Remarks and feel like traditional gap between domestic and foreign fuck sex doll large, but in the field of intelligent sexdolls, China is also the first smell the signs.

‘give a fuck sex doll vision and hearing, you can read understand this world; let it be talking, and people interact, but also on the operation of control-related behaviors, scheduling, and planning and in addition to these sports kind, we also made a platform of products, we hope to eventually make all interconnected. ‘Introduced the platform to do is collect voice data, image data, video data, through the analysis of large data so that these capabilities and data between the contact and exchange. And work by implementing a combination of human features, making the human brain power is growing stronger, which makes the fuck sex doll power is growing, increasingly wide range of applications.