Gphl Baiyun Mountain officially listed iron Ma

Abstract: Iron Mary gphl Baiyun Mountain officially listed. following Baiyun Mountain armored stunning * * * * September 29th, Guangzhou, Baiyun Mountain and yellow Health Limited launched Baiyun Mountain iron Ma also officially * *. “Ge” and “iron Mary” a western medicine, from a traditional Chinese herbal medicine, the two formed gphl Baiyun Mountain strong product line, with the Baiyun Mountain and Hutchison Whampoa  strong sales network and channel advantages, and endeavour to 5 to 1 billion yuan sales target. Listed in the press conference, the Nobel prize winner Ferid Murad personally opened the mystery of “Baiyun Mountain iron Mary”, Dr. Murad said, very confident about the future market prospects of Baiyun Mountain iron ma.

Gphl Baiyun Mountain domestic Viagra armored sales is not ideal

Abstract: Baiyun Mountain armored has been officially listed for more than half a year ago, on the Beijing Daily reporter visited the Beijing pharmacy market, Baiyun Mountain armored distribution speed is slow, consumers wait-and-see attitude. By contrast, two simultaneous listing in the expiration of patent protection and local generics under attack, Hui Ruiqi Viagra (commonly known as Viagra) in China mainland sales have nearly 50% growth… 0″ domestic Viagra Baiyun Mountain armored has been officially embarrassed the market for more than half of the time, the day before the Beijing Daily reporter visited the Beijing pharmacy market, Baiyun Mountain armored distribution speed is slow, consumers wait-and-see attitude. By contrast, two simultaneous listing in the expiration of patent protection and local generics under attack, Hui Ruiqi Viagra (commonly known as Viagra) in the mainland China sales is an increase of nearly 50%. Industry experts said that in the premise of no obvious price advantage and effect, domestic Viagra generics in the short term difficult to shake Chinese market ranked first in the status of Viagra, the future price advantage or will become a breakthrough point in the domestic viagra. Domestic Viagra sales difficult the first domestic Viagra Baiyun Mountain armored has been put on the market for more than half a year, and in the same period of Mr Wan Aike is Pfizer’s patent protection expires, so domestic generics market has been high hopes for the market, can be viewed as to break the current China mainland ED (erectile dysfunction) a effective market attempt by Wan Aike, Cialis and Levitra to carve up the market pattern. But the Beijing Daily reporter recently visited the market found that, in the past half year, the sales situation is not optimistic Mr. Beijing Daily reporter had found, announced in early October of last year listed on the Baiyun Mountain Jinge until February this year in Beijing some pharmacies completed distribution. Not only the distribution lag, its price is not high as the previous price, there are often sales in pharmacies. 0″ in Beijing Nepstar drugstore price for Baiyun Mountain, Mr release period announced the price is 48 yuan / 89 yuan /2 grain, grain, grain /10 345 yuan. But the pharmacy sales personnel, before buy gifts, buy a 1 yuan increase 1, equivalent to every grain of Baiyun Mountain armored for the price of 24.5 yuan. In a number of pharmacies have such activities, and consumers look to buy less, mostly wait-and-see attitude. The activity was half a month ago.” The pharmacy sales staff said. In addition to the Baiyun Mountain armored outside, as a new member at the beginning of this year to enter the ED market, 000 Phil to obtain production approval to market Zaixianbolan anti ED drugs. It is understood that the 50 FILA million and 100 mg two specifications, 100 mg price between 40-50 yuan, about Viagra pricing 1/3, and plans to officially listed at the end of March this year. Wanbang pharmaceutical said that the starting point is to use the Feller million quality parity strategy, so that the public can afford useful in patients with China “Viagra”, but the Beijing Daily reporter has not been found in the market figure Ferrell million. Previously, public news, Baiyun Mountain armored goal is to fight for the scale of annual sales in 3-5 years to achieve 500 million yuan -10. But from the sales point of view, the effect is not optimistic. According to the distribution and sale of Baiyun Mountain armored listed half, the Beijing Daily reporter to gphl Baiyun Mountain sent to interview outline, but as of press time, the other did not sent a reply. Foreign Viagra sales firm Beijing Daily reporter visited the market found in pharmacy sales channels, the Baiyun Mountain armored was placed in the most prominent position on the counter, but hard to find Pfizer’s anti ED drug Viagra figure. However, the day before a group data show that although the patent protection has expired, and the domestic generics confrontation, but in the China Viagra sales did not affected. The data show that in 2014, Viagra international total income fell 24%, but in the China mainland, its sales rose by 47%. For the domestic market all the way the performance of Pfizer Chinese and then to the Beijing Daily reporter said, the world market demand, payment system, disease and other conditions have their own characteristics and differences. In China, many patent expired drugs still have better market performance. In addition, Pfizer also said, will continue to cooperate with the parties concerned, to provide support for the men’s health and ED disease education and propaganda, to further improve the treatment rate of ED patients, and to ensure that patients and prescribers were able to consistently obtain a series of credible, Pfizer medicine quality assurance. Industry experts said that Pfizer Viagra patent protection expires after carried out education and publicity of health and disease in male patients with ED, which is due in the Viagra patent protection case, one of the reasons for increased sales in China still. Beijing Dingchen pharmaceutical management consulting center responsible person said Shi Lichen told the Beijing Business Daily reporter analysis, the reason for the increased sales of Viagra, Baiyun Mountain armored hand is listed in a relatively short time, the distribution is not fully carried out, so also did not affect the original drug sales, on the other hand is Viagra through pharmacies promotional activities the increase in sales. In addition to Viagra, the other Funny sex vibrator