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Abstract: many people think that the eight day holiday just passed quietly originally, but at all low-spirited ready to “go to work” when tragedy staged “or school”, Nili Luhan readily threw out a “fried king”. It is a moment, micro-blog “girlfriend powder” collective resurrection full of blood with the keyboard quickly rushed to the deer, micro-blog under the “battle”, can say… Originally a lot of people think that the eight day holiday just passed quietly, but at all low-spirited ready to “go to work” when tragedy staged “or school”, Nili Luhan readily threw out a “fried king”. Really is that moment, the “girlfriend powder” in micro-blog collective full of blood resurrection, quickly with the keyboard rushed to the deer, Guan micro-blog under the “fight”, it can be said to be an annual drama! The worst thing is that the Sina server was paralyzed by the micro-blog…… I do not know Sina “siege lion” and the various marketing have delighted: No. but not before the announced romance, or who can not put off.From the reaction of netizens, for deer shut this group of CP are very, very unacceptable, have spontaneously ran to the woman under the micro-blog curse. However, you have not thought about, you scold her sad, your love beans have humble hard to exhaust all the skills, Xiao Guan cried tears you anxious and distressed delicate and touching, deer heart, so that you want the result of it haha……However, Xiao Bian think Luhan and Guan Xiaotong together is not terrible, I’m afraid is only just 2017 days, you can not grasp the Adult supplies to join this fleeting opportunity; also afraid to play with you marbles fat through this house has just 80 days to join the fun supplies industry next year the Mercedes rich you are still in a bicycle sharing more money more afraid of you to leave no stone unturned; now do not know now has a very mature Adult supplies wholesale merchants platform called Bai Xiao cat – network!In order not to let you miss the chance of counter attack in the coming 2018, Xiao Bian decided to introduce the adult goods industry and its market prospect in detail.Yes, even today, with the gradual opening of social ideas, there are still many people who are biased and misunderstood about the adult goods industry. But that doesn’t prevent it from booming, because adult supplies are becoming more necessities than people’s daily necessities.What is an adult product?Adult supplies refers to the use of some auxiliary supplies, help adults get the support, not only can add interest, improve the quality of sex, also can bring positive effects to health. For example, women in menopause can keep vaginal elasticity with adult supplies and avoid urinary incontinence and other diseases. Some doctors also recommend adult toys to women who don’t reach orgasm. There are also some household items, such as condoms, contraceptives and so on.Adult products industry can not make money? Is there a market?First of all, from the consumer demand analysis.Adult supplies industry it is not obscene, but not great scourges. On the contrary, with the imbalance between men and women, single adults are bound to be more and more, they need adult supplies to solve the physiological needs. If there is no Adult supplies to solve the real problem, then the “great evil” phenomenon may appear. As we all know, the more sexually open countries and regions, the cases of sexual assault and disease transmission will be less than those of the feudal conservative countries and regions.In the economic era, the pressure of the modern people is particularly large, and the situation between husband and wife is also more and more. So they also need through a variety of Adult supplies especially smart fun supplies to adjust the atmosphere or contact feelings, is the best lubricant between the couple / emotional relationship, this point are not changed, even in the future will not change, because that is a human instinct, performance and happiness, the pursuit of happiness is the nature of human beings.Second, using consumer data to prove.Half a year ago, from the Alibaba Tmall division of Tmall Medical Museum of adult health industry operation Donghyuk teacher will share with us in the 2017 day operation data of cat Industry Forum in Chinese global interest.The meeting, Donghyuk teacher has to speak with the data, the real embodiment of nearly two years of Tmall supplies sales, he also made it clear that the future of the Internet market is the least fun supplies can reach more than 10 billion, this is undoubtedly a shot in the arm to the practitioner injection. In addition, Mr. Dong also shared some plans for Tmall in the future, such as the gradual establishment of more benefit sharing mechanism, so that all the Internet interest products sales easier! Let’s hope together!In addition, Jingdong, one of the three giants of the electricity industry, also gives some impressive data for the adult supplies sector after the Tanabata Festival this year. According to the Jingdong released the Qixi Festival consumption data show that the amount of consumption from the accounting point of view, the Qixi Festival Eve, most consumers love to buy supplies from Henan, three of Henan’s most sought after sex toys are: sex vibration massage stick, taste, taste lubrication gel underwear. In addition, the data show that in the most favorite consumer goods provinces and cities, Shaanxi consumers ranked third.Third, the rise of adult goods industry is the trend of social development.Presumably, many people know that the State encourages entrepreneurship now, and is “preferred” to college students and rural entrepreneurs, giving a series of concessions and support that they didn’t want to think before. But is that enough? Of course not. The important premise of successful business is the need for a good project. From the current fierce competition in all walks of life situation, we are not difficult to know: traditional industries have been difficult to plug in hand, so the adult supplies industry near the blank field is optimistic is the general trend.In addition, from the international scope to observe, basically economically developed countries Adult supplies industry occupies a certain proportion in the national economy sectors, not that far from Indoorsman who have, and went to see the island can pilgrimage to Japan GDP Adult supplies industry made a big contribution.Our country’s economy has been developing rapidly, especially in recent years, our per capita income and consumption levels are growing rapidly, when the material is no longer the people are interested in the pursuit of the object, the spirit world must enjoy will be replaced, and bring human happiness is the highest spiritual enjoyment. So, don’t love Luhan blind love Reba pot back scold miserably distressed Guan Xiaotong distressed this that, if you don’t take this rich good project, I really love for you.