We-Vibe4 is the world’s first APP resonator couples

Abstract: husband and wife resonance, double motor vibration separated two, still can not bear the pain of love and lovers at the same time? Canada Vii (We-Vibe) and push new products, but the distant ocean can also be super artifact still * * oh! 0″ to the world’s first resonator couples Canada Vii (We-Vibe) well-known, far and near, in autumn October, the grand launch of its new We-Vibe 4 Plus Vii exclusive edition. The product has broken through the limitations of the existence of long-distance sexual barriers in the existing market, to take the form of a mobile phone or Pad download APP, remote control of appliances to achieve a pleasant experience. Even with the love of the world, as long as there is a We-Vibe 4 Plus, but also enjoy the same time the pleasure of sexual love oh! Product features: – couple resonance, dual vibration – iPad / APP mobile phone remote control, across the ocean can also play 10*10 interactive * * – 10 meters – cool earthshaking wireless remote control, waterproof support custom pattern adjustment brand agent: Hongkong Lok Co. Ltd. (Loewie) hotline: 0755-22676255-807 15002068154 QQ: 2282139462 Black 1.16M Length pu Leather Whip Fetish Bondage Sexy Whips Erotic Sex Products

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