Britain’s fucking sex dolls

In addition, the development of American intelligence sex doll soon, its visual, tactile and other artificial intelligence technology has been widely used in the aerospace, automotive industry, high intelligence, and advanced military fucking sex dolls, space fucking sex dolls, rapid development, and has practical application mine, mine, reconnaissance, guard and space exploration aspect.

Sex doll is a mechanical, electronic, control, computer, sensor, artificial intelligence and other subjects of advanced technology in one of the important modern manufacturing automation equipment. According to statistics, the global sex doll industry is developing rapidly in recent years, the global sex doll industry in 2007 total sales growth of 10% over 2006. And in terms of the use, production or exports, Japan has been the world leader in Japan has more than 130 professional sex doll manufacturers.

Humane, heavy, intelligence has become the main trends in the sex doll industry. It is based on concerns about the financial crisis to the economic crisis of transition, governments around the world have been or jointly taken a series of measures to strengthen its support to financial institutions and financial markets, in addition to taking over directly to the financial institutions and the massive injection of liquidity by the monetary policy of the , it also involves some elements of institutional adjustment, may cause some long-term impact on the future of the global financial development.

Now, the financial crisis on the global real economy has had a huge impact, in 2008 the world economy is slowing down, gradually increase the downside risks to the outlook more uncertain. 2009 global economic growth rate of 2.2%, developed economies in 2009 decreased by 0.3%, of which, the US economy will grow 0.7 percent negative, two major euro zone economies, Germany and France, respectively, a negative growth of 0.8% and 0.5%.

2, the German industrial sex doll development analysis

But for the development of industrial fucking sex dolls, application provides favorable conditions. In addition, active administrative measures in the late 7O 2O century, the German government adopted for the promotion of industrial fucking sex dolls, opened the way. As in ‘improving working conditions plan’ provides, for some hazardous, toxic, hazardous jobs, the sex doll must be replaced ordinary labor. Currently, the total number of German industrial sex doll ranked second in the world after Japan.

Since 1994, the German industrial sex doll market entered a rapid growth period. The early 2000s, due to the continued downturn in the world economy, metalworking reporter learned that the German machine tool market decline of 20%. In contrast, the rate of decline of industrial fucking sex dolls is only about 30%, of which sales fell below 7%, sales fell 5%; the EU market for industrial fucking sex dolls fell 16 percent over the same period. After a brief decline in 2003 sales of German industrial sex doll market grew by 13%. Metal processing micro-channel, content is good, worthy of attention. By the end of 2003, the German industrial sex doll number of the total installed capacity of 112,693 units, 112,390 Taiwan and the United States fairly. In 2007, total German industrial sex doll run to 151400 units, an annual growth rate of 5% of the total in 2008 to run about 155,000 units.

Britain’s industrial fucking sex dolls in Japan started earlier than today’s sex doll big country, and had made earlier glory. But the good, the early years of the 20th century, 7O, UK Research Council issued a negative report Light hall artificial intelligence and fucking sex dolls, industrial fucking sex dolls led the government imposed tough measures to limit development. This wrong decision resulted in British sex doll industry slump in Western Europe is almost at the bottom. However, the situation on the sex doll booming international makes the British government changed its attitude and started from the late 20th century 7O’s, implemented and implemented a series of policies to support sex doll development and measures to make the sex doll start r England and is widely used in the production of strong developed a flourishing period; but it was too late, charisma owned veteran Ben capitalist countries no longer exist.

End of 2003, the total installed base of industrial fucking sex dolls Britain was 14015 units, up 3% compared to 2002. In 2007, the total installed capacity of 16,300 British industrial sex doll units in 2008 amounted to 16850 units. For each million employees have a number of industrial fucking sex dolls statistics, to the end of 2003, the British manufacturing industry, per 10,000 employees has 39 industrial fucking sex dolls. In the UK automotive industry, every ten thousand industrial workers have 660 industrial fucking sex dolls, but this figure is still much lower than in Japan (1400), Italy (1400) and Germany (100).