The United States requires porn film actors must use condoms

In the United States, a federal appeals court in the United States has ruled that a sex film actor in Losangeles must use condoms in order to reduce the risk of infectious diseases. 0″ according to the British Reuters reported on December 15th, the United States Court of Appeals for a federal official Losangeles sex movie actor must use condoms in the shooting, which is to reduce the probability of infection of infectious disease. According to a study by the American AIDS Foundation, the rate of sexually transmitted infections is 10 times higher than that of normal people. As early as 2012, Losangeles voters made the proposal, but also mentioned the need to provide regular medical checks for sex film actors. 0″ similarly, San Francisco appeals court also made instructions, asked filmmakers about blood borne pathogens courses to improve their understanding of actors. But the film company is against the rule. On behalf of the lawyer, according to the first amendment to the constitution of the United States, the right to freedom of expression. Filmmakers also said that such measures will cause many actors in pregnancy, disease and other concerns. The court questioned the so-called freedom of expression and said the use of condoms would not affect the film. In the end, the filmmakers and the company promised to comply with this requirement, and to provide at least once a month for the medical examination.

New York sex education: students to carry out all condoms brand

Recently, New York public schools in the United States for the first time in nearly 20 years, sex education courses as a required course. Students will also be able to list the brand of condoms on the store shelves, comparing their prices and lubrication. New York City Board of education and the health bureau also co employed condom coordinator, annual salary of $80 thousand, to distribute condoms to primary and secondary school students. New York public schools in the United States for the first time in nearly 20 years for the first time sex education courses as a required course. It was supposed to be a good thing. However, the media disclosed some course content: large scale was impressive, immediately caused a great disturbance. This course looks extremely terrible. A mother summed up. It is reported that the minimum school-age children in the course of 11 years, but the content is astounding. For example, students aged 11 and 12 were asked to determine the risk level of sexual behavior, including condom use, lubricant life and French kissing. The course also recommends that young people learn to use some resources, such as the Columbia University website, “ask Alice” column to consult knowledge. In addition, students need to learn to go to the clinic, to participate in birth control and STD testing; students will be able to list the list of condoms on the store shelves, compare their prices and lubrication functions, etc.. Media also revealed that the New York Municipal Bureau of education and the health bureau also cooperate to hire condom coordinator, annual salary of $80 thousand, to the primary and secondary school students to distribute condoms. These things make New York’s parents [micro-blog] are not surprised, before the school to provide compulsory education support gradually turned into concern. Some media bluntly, this explicit education “is not only useless, but harmful”. A parent complained: there are a lot of things that I and my husband have not tried, why should the Education Bureau to teach children? There’s a Japanese American parents “Alice questions” section is quite critical, she said do not know this website will tell the children how much detail, I am afraid the children know too much addicted. Some Catholic institutions and web sites are even more scathing. However, there are some relatively enlightened parents. I think it’s a good idea. A child’s father is not very concerned about the schedule. Faced with the challenge of the New York Education Bureau, said: this approach is mainly to prevent unwanted pregnancies or the spread of diseases such as AIDS, it is necessary to produce these “roots” teach young children. The course in addition to some of the more in-depth education, abstinence also was professor ranks. We’re teaching kids to postpone sex. If they choose to start, they will learn the right way. However, although the sex education class nominally compulsory, in fact, parents have the right to choose their children. When the teacher talked about contraception, parents can choose to let the children do not listen, because many parents and religion on the existence of other methods of contraception. Although western countries have given a general impression of us is avant-garde open, but involves such a course, it is also beyond our tolerance range, is now no matter which country sex education, are popular in the embarrassing situation, many students tasting the forbidden fruit, finally brought great harm to both sides, according to U. S. centers for disease control study showed that 41% of young people in New York city that have had sex in Grade 9, but 58% said in grade 12 had sex, the sex ratio of students of African American and Latino high. The report said that the two ethnic groups of young girls are more likely to be pregnant, but also susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases or aids. Another statistics show that one in every 4 15-19 year old girls in the United States is infected with sexually transmitted diseases. The infection rate was 50%. So tell them how to protect themselves, safety education is not very explicit, is very necessary.

Wonderful test: beauty in the toilet to throw sex toys next door

Editor’s note: have no what can stop us without the creative integrity. A girl at the public toilet deliberately to a female erotic scroll to the next door, the other side reaction test. All kinds of wonderful scenes make people laugh, with rage directly thrown back, there was at a loss, and kicking back or friendly with toilet paper wrapped handed back to the number of comparisons, the most wonderful type, have come up with a larger toy out joseph. It seems the United States to carry forward the spirit of entertainment to death, but also can see the little toys can not only meet the needs of private, can also become the catalyst mass joy funny. test in the wonderful beauty of toys to the toilet next door, the other a direct throw back

27 new business models in the United States

Editor’s note: in the United States, there are 2300 small businesses, each month will add 54.3 new small businesses. So, if you want to stand out and succeed, not only need a unique value proposition, but also a diversified income streams, as well as adequate, powerful creativity. Here are 17 unique companies, their business model has been verified by the market, learn together. 27 new business model

Whether a man loves to use a condom depends on how sexy the woman is.

Editor’s note: that man is a thinking animal body, it really makes sense, in this motionless about guns, and some people even do not want to wear a condom, because each other too sexy, without condoms greatly increased the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, it is really cool to. Life is not, ha ha! Src= “<img" border= "0" is well known that condoms are not loved by everyone. But a new study shows that for the straight, whether in the process of the use of condoms depends on how much his "sexy", instead of suffering from sexually transmitted diseases are sensitive. Yes, the study suggests that if a man meets a sex partner, the more likely they are to take protective measures, the less likely they are to be sexually transmitted. Of course, researchers looked at 51 heterosexual men aged between 19 and 61, so the study was small and it was difficult to represent a trend across the whole population. But this discovery confirmed the previous research: Sexy partner will often determine the extent of the occurrence of sexual behavior, sexual behavior or in any security measures, this phenomenon is reflected in both sexes. The purpose of this study is to explore whether people use condoms when they are in the episodic sexual behavior, and hope that this result can promote people to improve sexual safety awareness. At present, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the United States, Britain and Australia are rising, need to cause people's vigilance. From the University of Southampton research and University of Bristol researchers surveyed 51 volunteers of the attitude to life, including sex for the first time the time (usually 18 years), the number of sexual partners (0-60, an average of 9 people). The participants were asked to look after the 20 women's portrait, then answer the following questions: 1 the degree of the female sexy sort; 2 if you are single, you more likely to have sex with the woman have? 3 if you are going to have sex with the woman, will you use a condom? 4 what do you think is the possibility of a woman suffering from a venereal disease? The results showed that in the face of more attractive female, male choice probability of condom use will be lower; but the degree of risk of attracting women in the male mind and likely sexual behavior does not affect the eyes of the men of the women suffering from sexually transmitted diseases. "In fact, some men are very interested in women who are at higher risk for sexually transmitted diseases, while others have the opposite". In spite of this, all men in the face of sexual partners are inclined to do not use condoms. Although the study's size is small, these findings can help scientists understand the idea that people can choose to use condoms when they are at a time.