The list of ways of keeping condoms was only third

Editor’s note: sex is wonderful, but unplanned pregnancy can be very distressing, so the search for contraception can never stop. Looking at the ancient methods of contraception, most of them are at the expense of women’s health, to the present, although the product is more healthy and advanced, but there are also some lack of “contraceptive idiot.””. How to avoid the trouble of unexpected pregnancy while enjoying your passion is the ultimate subject throughout the history of mankind. Heard of thousands of methods of contraception, but still may change mom and dad a second. 0″Teletext independentInterviewed expertsBeijing Chaoyang Hospital director of Obstetrics and Gynecology physician Wang SumeiPeking University People’s Hospital Department of gynecology associate professor Wang Zhiqi  Big list of ways of contraception  In vitro ejaculation, reliable index.In some studies, the rate of ejaculation in vitro was as high as 15%~28%. In the course of sexual life, before ejaculation, it is possible that a small amount of semen has entered the female vagina. This part has a higher concentration of semen and sperm and is prone to fail in contraception.Ejaculation in vitro is also prone to sexual dysfunction. From the male erection to ejaculation is the whole process of a natural, in an abrupt end to its climax, may make life in lumbosacral central nervous system and the central control function of ejaculation disorder, cause ejaculation or difficult to erect.  Safe period, reliable index.It is to use contraceptive tool only in oviposit period, and do not adopt any contraceptive method on other days. The rate of failure for safe birth control is very high, up to 14.4%~47%.Because the menstrual cycle will be affected by diet, mood, environment and other factors, ovulation time will fluctuate, and even additional ovulation occurs, so the method of safety period contraception is not reliable at all.  Emergency contraceptives, reliable index.Take effective emergency contraceptive pills in 72 hours after sexual intercourse, have certain contraceptive effect, but the failure rate is as high as 10%~20%, and very easily lead to irregular menstruation and other adverse reactions, only as a remedy for contraception failure.Generally speaking, endocrine disease patients, gynecological cancer patients, scanty menstruation, aged 35 years and above, women who smoke should not take.After taking medicine may appear nausea, vomiting, irregular uterine bleeding, menstrual changes, and sometimes complicated breast pain, dizziness and so on, generally within 24 hours to ease. This contraceptive should not be taken for a long time, otherwise it will do more harm to the body. Short acting contraceptives, reliable index: * * *Although taking medicine every day is a bit of a problem, it’s more difficult to fail. Short acting oral contraceptives are recommended for women without underlying diseases or diabetes.The advantage is that it is easy to control, and if you want to get pregnant, you will soon be pregnant after stopping the drug. The main side effects include nausea, vomiting, premature menstruation, delayed breast pain, and so on. Symptoms are generally mild, and medication with meals or medications before bedtime can reduce the incidence.  Condoms, reliable index assumes: 0″Condom use is the most common effective method of contraception, and the person who is in the habit often suffers from the following mistakes and leads to the failure of the condom.1. use condom before use. 2. didn’t empty the front end of the condom. 3. condoms are too tight or too big. 4. used the wrong side. 5. tear the condom wrapper with your teeth. 6. use the oil-based lubricant. 7. Tintin evacuation time is too late. 8. not stored in a dry, light place.  IUD, reliable index assumes:For women without birth plans, intrauterine devices can also be placed, and their contraceptive success rate is as high as 98%~99.8%.If the IUD in the body, induced menstrual volume, low back pain, and even pelvic inflammatory disease, you can consider other methods of contraception.  Sterilization operation, reliable index assumes.A sterilization operation, such as tubal ligation or vasectomy. These two operations are almost 100 percent contraceptive, but it is unlikely that you will have any further children.