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Editor’s note: in the “2017 Ebang social electricity supplier summit, he interested vice president Yan Chen published an article entitled” about guns? Porn? Public speaking of the social bottom line and business magic in the adult world. He pointed out that, “fun products do community” can solve the electricity supplier among the re purchase rate and the user retention of double low problems. He interests from the game, differentiation, fine and modern 4 aspects of the community to help build explosion. Content for the queen, the rise of social electricity providers, and its fission rate of growth is remarkable. Compared with the traditional electricity supplier, social electricity supplier more attention to the user, content, which makes it in the product, promotion, transaction, data management and other aspects of showing a powerful prospect. It is understood that the conference to “social business rise” as the theme, organized by the billion state power network, Co Qingdao city network association, Haier strategic cooperation unit to shun.Warm prompt: This article is a preliminary review of the shorthand, to ensure that the original intention of the guests, without deletion or omission, please understand.The following is a speech memoir: Yan Chen: Hello everyone, thank you very much for inviting me from an island in the south to another island in the north. Today, my tag is a stain witness. The pit I dug today is about cannon, porn, adult world, social bottom line and business magic. People think that fun products will certainly feel like a very nasty thing. It’s just a sport that can give you a better experience and feel. A child’s toy lets a child laugh and shut his mouth. Adult supplies are designed to give adults a better experience on a particular sport. Many people say that your platform is a social relationship, is it about a gun platform?. In fact, really not, this is only O2O of people and social relations, online and offline, there are many links. You can go out with friends, coffee, movies, bars, wine, meals. The gun is one of all possible events, not the end result. Why was the gun specially highlighted during the whole process? Because it has very strong gossip, highly controversial, only to lay in the status of the O2O stand head and shoulders above others. What exactly is the gun? I don’t really know. It’s chess. You come and I fight. I don’t know the exact situation. I’m just a stain witness.When it comes to the community, the outcome of the agreement depends on the person. In the community, we clearly find that the whole community is divided into good and bad currencies. They can produce quality content, generate purchases, and generate financial results. And may become a network reds, produce stickiness. Many segments, such as the SM field, are curious users of this area to form very strong stickiness. Bad money, these users do things will create a lot of garbage information. I’m in Qingdao, and I’m in Xiamen. I’m bored. Are you there? Who else? I’m 18 centimeters. His interesting male user seems to be below this standard. Not only will they send this status, but they will also harass normal users. For all kinds of strange pictures, private messages, post content published in the community, this is very terrible behavior. Their behavior has been very damaging to our entire community. Why is it when people think that adult products are dirty? Because of this part of the bad money users.Why don’t we do what we call pornography and choose a culture of interest?. It looks like a touch ball. Last year, everyone knew that in China, against South Korea, the Chinese 1:0 against South Korea, the second day news report is not national enough to win. But there is a finless eel dead, the anchor caught, the tiger closed the story.Our goal is to do a century old shop, we have listed on the third board, there are tens of millions of users. In China, no one specifically refuses to discuss interesting culture. Last year a very red movie about SM in many basic senior white-collar groups. A lot of female users often discuss some of the details of the film with us. A thing has certain living space, and have the opportunity of development. The other is simply not going the same way. Interest culture never regards pornography as its own operation and promotion, which is the core competitiveness of the entire platform.Why is sex appeal so sensitive and a community?. Because the community can solve our interesting electricity supplier among the exposed problems. One of the obvious problems with sales of interest products is that the rate of re purchase is low and the rate of user retention is low. After buying one thing, the next time he bought it, he died in the app. Another point is traffic cost feedback, traffic expensive. Significantly improve retained, value-added services to enhance ROI, community functions, such as short video, such as live broadcast, will give users more interesting cognitive products brought different angles. This is the community to bring electricity providers to solve and promote part.The next link says community content properties. When a community comes in, it chooses tags based on the user’s shopping behavior, such as men, women, married, unmarried, stratified, and gives users a more specific portrait. After that, we’ll start dividing groups. There are so many circles in the whole community. Why is there such a thing as “circle”? We all say that society should be a “swarm of people”, so that all the people who have common interests get together, communicate and chat, and make the community more active.And then we have to make rules, the rules for each block, each circle, including bad money that drives out his interesting process. We spend a very large cost of outsourcing audits, pre trial, post, post management, including moderators to maintain a variety of other users of the impact of bad money users out of this platform. They interfere with good user habits, and they don’t consume and do not translate. Their behavior is to see about yourself.There is a content recommendation, we must also carry out intelligent algorithm recommended conform to no conventional pattern, according to the user portrait, labels, often browse circle, watch the goods, recommend the corresponding content.In addition the social environment are also in force, private gifts, in the vicinity of the people, all kinds of can allow the user to generate functional link we are trying to establish social relationships. Set up a professional image, the experience process, all want to give the user the most professional reference. Users may buy things at Taobao and Jingdong, and hope to give you the orientation to understand the interesting things.Our entire user operating system, we are now talking about four modernizations, a game. We found the hottest game of the year, the glory of the king, including myself. With the entire user hierarchy, whether ranked or ranked, or whether they share this list of games, the various KDA computing methods give us a lot of room to learn. We are also using this updated ranking, the game BUG user operating system, instead of a long time ago a community system.There is also a process of differentiation. Because there are female users in the community, many female users pay great attention to their privacy. We have specific set up only some female users can access the plate, male users can not access. Ensure that female users can get their own discussions, questions and answers on their gender issues in their own privacy section.The refinement section is only for very special minority groups. For example, SM group, male and female, we usually do not pay attention to the group.In the process of modernization, his interest in APP has added a lot of fire. For example, short video, live broadcast, any new functions that can help our users to liven up, we are willing to try. We aim to do so many things in order to establish a connection, establish the whole social community with various circles to contact with the commodity, goods can be evaluated, to experience, to share user buying things out. Users can post, replies, can occasionally watch each other, broadcast, commercial contact. We can distribute all of our user experience to the content details page through the user’s purchase of the product.We now find that the whole community has a great deal of experience with explosion making. Last year, a very exciting personality, “wireless jump eggs”, through the community and social system, sold several times last year, several times the traditional egg. Another is mining new products. There may be foreign popular domestic products that are not on sale, such as a popular egg shaped vibrating egg before. The community can produce a special custom role, we SM circle inside, a lot of Daniel, they are not satisfied with this kind of mass production. They customized some handmade leather goods, hand braids, collars, candles, very high-end, which is common electricity providers, it is difficult to meet their store SKU category. Another is the product iteration, some good products are constantly turned out by the community, we have a deeper level of product development.Another part of the wind, the poor things will be eliminated from life, we are not bad review is not deleted. We want users to tell others through an intuitive experience that it’s not worth buying, which gives us better brand endorsements and sales. Our male and female users, 28, 80% male users, 20% female users, has been from the earliest less than 10% maintenance to such a point. In addition to see posted post ratio is 28, the user can see the post accounted for 20%, accounted for 80%. The percentage of good content is also 28. The ratio of good currency to bad currency is 28.Go back and say before, about the bottom line, we say three aspects, one is the law, the Chinese business must comply with all kinds of laws. It is impossible to make social circles with the attraction of erotic content. There is another thing that the law does not necessarily have, but we are going to make it out of this moral category ourselves, not to make this happen in our community. For example, strange social events, such as the “bus God”, might not have been punished by the law, but for our own professional ethics, we would not let the content pass through his interesting community.In addition, with regard to initiation, the interesting goal is to let most people know what the spice products are, and let more people enjoy the experience of better sexual life. We introduced some health care products last year. We all know the efficacy and formula of health care products of all sorts of strange things, and even company executives every day to taste different kinds of health care products, the purpose is to allow all users more assured he interested the sales of the product platform, we put more heart good things better taste experience to have no contact with the user supplies.Thank you very much, and I wish you all the best of luck!(original title: his interest in the morning: four modern help appeal community burst burst)