Erofame 2014 live exhibition, Hannover, Germany

Abstract: is it true that every time I feel attentive, I wonder if it is safe or pregnant? Not yet ready to have a baby, Mary is worried: contraception is a condom, or take medicine, or in vitro platoon good? Is there a better and more convenient way? After her friend AMY learned, she was introduced to the invisible condom. stealth condoms have been popular in the United States since 2004; a form of active contraception for women. The essence is a foam made with nanotechnology and food grade foam technology. This kind of micro bubble like mousse in the vagina to form a physical barrier and chemical barrier, not absorbed, not involved in the metabolism, does not affect the vaginal Ph value, good contraception, lubrication and three antibacterial effect one, at the same time, it is not to feel in the body, did not affect the life of pleasure. It is called “invisible condoms”. After testing, invisible condoms diluted 6 times and 30 times, 1 minutes can make * * * mortality rate of 100%. Invisible condoms, safe contraception, and increased interest. At present, the most common methods of contraception are condoms, contraceptives, and in vitro ejaculation. However, these methods are unsatisfactory. Condoms can be a good contraceptive, but many people are very resistant to it. According to incomplete statistics, more than 80% of men do not like using condoms. The side effects of the pill is known, due to the presence of women taking contraceptive hormones, will appear after the body fat, weight gain, rough skin, in addition to nausea, vomiting, menstrual disorder. In particular, emergency contraception can only be used once a month, excessive and frequent use will cause damage to the body, and even affect fertility. As for the elimination of sperm in vitro, this method has a high rate of failure and affects male health. So, is there a safe and humane way of contraception? Invisible condoms can overcome the disadvantages of the above methods of contraception, not only can safely contraception, but also enhance lubrication, improve the quality of sexual life and fun. First of all, the invisible condom is double shielding contraception, a foam filled the vagina and cervix, forming a physical barrier, prevent the penis into the womb; on the other hand, the surfactant RH4 dissolved matter and the * * * * lipid inactivated, so as to achieve effective contraception. Secondly, the foam forms a protective film on the vaginal wall, which effectively prevents the possible invasion of the virus. It has a good lubrication effect, not only prevents injury, but also improves the quality and interest of sexual life. Invisible condom is best to use invisible condom 3 minutes before sexual intercourse, how should use correctly? Since the foam takes time to film in the body, it is better to spray it into the vagina 3 to 5 minutes before sex. In order to enhance the effect of contraception, 1 or 5 minutes after intercourse can be used again. Before use, the upper and lower shock using; guide rod small end is inserted into the tank top nozzle hole; inverted tank, the guide rod end is slowly inserted into the vaginal cavity inside, the guide rod is inserted into the vagina to 6-8 cm, full of vagina with the index finger to press the nozzle until the bubble jet (to the extent of the vagina, and then just overflow) will guide pulling rod. The guide rod is cleaned with water after use, and can be used many times. 39 Health Network Editor reminded: allergic persons are careful with invisible condoms; pregnant women and women disabled during menstruation. In addition, in the purchase of invisible condoms, in addition to attention to regular pharmacies, shopping malls to buy, but also should pay special attention to whether the product packaging “medical device production and registration permit”. Take from behind-Adult sex toys

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