Evaluation: stop Juicer – on Hart R-20

Editor’s note: R-20’s reputation, you basically Baidu will be able to see thousands of evaluation. Is nothing more than highlight its strong sense of excitement, but I would like to say is the entrance of the large caliber, and indeed a lot of effort to clean up the province. It does not have the structure of the human, only thorough stimulation. Also read the relevant reports in Japan, R-20 also has the awakening mode is that you will use the number of times and the “little brother” to produce structural changes. (in fact, it is a long time the silicone will be deformed only, do not think too much) but this is also the side of the R-20 service life is very long. Well, if you want to experience the kind of inhuman pleasure (or not) R-20 is really a good toy, exercise endurance you rely on it to start aircraft cup, you have to say this R-20. Whether it is inside the circle or game player evaluation circle, this aircraft cup have a very high name.

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