Fancy goods modelling ugly? You must have never seen them before

Editor’s note: when it comes to spice products, a lot of people are thinking about “inflatable dolls” that are beyond recognition, or they are exaggerated and have some “hot eyes” for masturbation. In short, there is no sense of beauty at all. If you can only erotic mind is the image of the words, then you can only prove yourself too with very limited knowledge and scanty information! In the face of fierce market competition, sex toys manufacturers will also highlight products gradually shifted to the visual enjoyment, after all, most people are “color value control”, only let consumers attracted by product appearance, can let them have the interest to understand the inherent. Sex, for Chinese people, is a more taboo, but deep desire for things. But after seeing too many love action movies and ugly things, we feel dirty about sex. Today to introduce something to break the impression we tell you, love is beautiful, passionate, even cute.

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