Fun shop for 3 nights were thieves pry the cabinet to steal the inflatable doll

Editor’s note: a Adult supplies shop in Shaoguan city to 2 young customers, they tried to pry open the brute force of erotic cabinet, but do not want to but touched the alarm, but let the shop owner is not the thought they would not come as the case, second night alarm rang, the inflatable doll cabinet was stolen, even the camera was stolen, third night and stole several inflatable dolls, thieves are very young age see from the video to see about fifteen, six years old, what causes these teenagers to several plastic dolls that violated the criminal law? Xiaobian may think of these young inflatable dolls feel curious, 15 years old is adolescence, curious too much about the nature of the goods, but the thief inflatable doll is not good. Src= “<img" border= "0"

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