Girl 89 years by selling the annual income of millions of products become rich taste

Editor’s note: this young girl of 89 years on their own to become a white Formica, entrepreneurial spirit worthy of learning, just looking for business opportunities, success is not what difficult, it is not difficult to get rich, Wei Road is a legendary female, bold, clever, business minded. I believe that in the future there will be more entrepreneurs set foot on sex toys industry. Wei Daodao, 89 year Taurus girl. In Beijing for 9 years, from her young students to frequently attend various entrepreneurial activities “red net”. Some people think of selling sex toys, should be holding a small whip, dressed in tight leather. But now, she is still the opportunity sumianchaotian, do not pay attention to the Hunan girl, treat colleagues and partners heroic spirit, which made her a little different from the outside of the impression of CEO female stereotype. Because in the public that “shame”, her body has been covered with all controversial label. “sexy Queen”, is the first title for her entry after, because the name too loud, she did not hate. An interview with reporters this afternoon, she just came back from the United States “closed” learning (access to the world’s most authoritative, the only counseling and therapist certification AASECT certification period, and on the 4 day) continuous recording intensity of various TV programs. Desperately, is her normal. About the program, her WeChat news fried, 5 mobile phones, tens of thousands of agents of information and so she one reply. Wei Road feel that China’s interest in the industry is a very “abnormal” industry, product sales and user base is amazing every year. But why is not a good reputation. Double eleven last year, more than 30 times the usual interest supplies sales! Market demand over 70 billion yuan! “Are adults, buy so many people, why do you want to sell the person?” When it comes to this topic, she will want to and these “unreasonable” people to tear. reporter turned in online news about her, and “cheap” brush comment, “shameless”, “shame”, “shame”, “dirty” and “can you sell it for a large number of” abuse of women, insulting words full of them. Don’t know how long it took her to adapt to such a * * * *. A lot of people around to persuade her to say “you more curse more red,” she stubbornly said: “you can use condoms, why do I feel shy? You still hide behind, I have for you bear the infamy, I am your angel!” in Chinese in, has been in a gray area, and it seems as long as stained relations, will be covered with “porn” stamp, never turn over. Wei Road reluctantly said: “now Cang teacher’s status than I am in this industry in the hearts of the high status of everyone, this is not normal ah! Why should suppress their own nature! Wu Yifan so handsome, can not hold back! Of course, I myself is like the spirit of the teacher’s dedication to the art.” She must have added, “or Indoorsman want me to death.” Src= “ for her career to bring her wealth, Wei Road never hide. “Car”, “wealth” such netizens abusive words, in her opinion is praise, “while I am engaged in the occupation, obtain wealth, should not have a sense of achievement?” She has every Chinese some “conservative” consciousness, the ancient people have money to buy land, buy a house, called: expanding business, now everybody buy a car called: financial investment. “As a girl, I don’t steal from do not rely on nurturing, why not?” Wei Road is full of owe family, because of busy, rarely go home. Grandpa’s sudden death in early, so that she felt very deep. “Girls do not want to fight, I do not have to be ugly it, the big deal is married and born baby when the housewife.” Src= “<img" border= "0", when it comes to the taste of the history of supplies, I believe that we have through a variety of mysterious way to open the eyes". From the famous "Golden Lotus", to various historical action, foreign needless to say, you are more familiar with japan. "The ancients opened more than modern people, on to the royal staff, down to the ordinary people are almost always used!" Wei Daodao was in a period of network program, explain the ancient "female activities" in history, no doubt, has been criticized. "Chinese people how to say? You say cheap, too poor, they called the SM, his love! Also not the appeal of foreign goods to the foreign devils into pornography." She said that the divorce rate is getting higher and higher, in addition to the derailment, the couple's life is not harmonious is also a great reason. If you can use sex supplies, improve the quality of life of husband and wife, is the philosopher said, the combination of meat and spirit, perhaps also to restore the feelings. "I was their health is broken heart, they say I speak vulgar, unreasonable thing science?" Src= "<img secretary real love doll

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