Guangzhou Shuangyi latex products company: win by quality condoms

Editor’s note: condoms are a great invention for human beings, not only solve the problem of unwanted pregnancies, but also can effectively prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The production of condoms Adult supplies enterprise is because of this wave along the condom become the basic needs of consumers began operating too fast. However, now the market for adult products companies and a lot, how to make their products become the first choice for consumers? Many people will say that the brand is well-known, but there are specific examples show that: to attract consumers, and always is the quality of the product. “The first condom in the history of China was produced in Guangzhou. Has 60 years of history, known as the “World Series” king of pair of latex products Co. Ltd., is currently one of the largest domestic condom production enterprises plan, annual production capacity of more than 800 million, more than 60 years of production and the total number of over 30 billion condoms.” Liu Ting, director of the general office of the company told reporters about the history of the development of a business.

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