High performance rubber shortage, condoms and other raw materials are imported

Abstract: from 1952 to determine the state of the strategic status of natural rubber and the establishment of a specialized research institute, has gone through 62 years. 0″ however, “daily economic news” reporter survey found that, due to the lack of rubber processing technology, domestic high performance rubber products, such as raw materials, military aviation rubber parts basic dependence on imports, even condoms, tires and other products need to import most of its raw materials. China Tropical Agricultural Science Research Institute of agricultural products (11.55, -0.29, -2.45%) processing research institute deputy director Li Puwang told reporters that this is because the domestic processing factory production standards, leading to the final product of rubber processing standards, can not meet the enterprise production standard. Until 2010, with the domestic aviation, rail transportation and other enterprises to develop high-performance rubber raw materials should be self-sufficient, high performance rubber localization has just started. At the beginning of the establishment of the new China in the absence of the strategic product of high performance, imperialism imposed economic blockade on the state, and the rubber as a strategic material was not allowed to be imported. Because the rubber is typical of tropical crops, was considered only at 17 degrees north latitude to the south, South or North Equatorial growth within 10 degrees of the tropics, the Soviet Union decided to establish a rubber production base in Hainan Chinese, to ensure strategic materials self-sufficiency. In 1952, the state established the strategic status of natural rubber, and set up a dedicated research institute dedicated to rubber breeding, cultivation and processing technology. In 1982, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Rubber Research Institute) broke the rubber growing only in the south of latitude 17 degrees of “common sense”, rubber began planting in a large area of China north latitude 18 degrees ~24 degrees area. However, before 2010, the research on rubber processing fields only stop in China, for the deep processing of little research. “There are hundreds of thousands of kinds of rubber downstream chemical products, but also professional military enterprises and part of the University in the study, should no unit can include tens of thousands of rubber products research.” Rubber Research Institute deputy director Xie Guishui said, the research of Rubber Research Institute is only responsible for planting, management, tapping, early processing. Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science Institute of tropical (hereinafter referred to as processing) deputy director Li Puwang told the “daily economic news” reporter, before 2010, processing has been engaged in the production process of the initial processing, “this is because did not realize that before (the deep processing industry, aviation and so on) this demand”. For a long time, due to the lack of deep processing of high-performance rubber in China, I * * *, aviation, and even condoms, tires and other products needed to import raw materials from abroad. Until 2010, a number of aviation, rail transport companies to find the processing research, put forward the desire to achieve the localization of high-performance strategic products raw materials. Since then, the processing enterprises and related enterprises to cooperate, only to open the localization of rubber raw materials. This year, Hainan rubber group began working with the military enterprises to enter the field of high-end rubber products. According to the Hainan rubber said that at present, they already have the use of domestic rubber production of aviation tire technology. Primary processing product standards are not uniform, it is understood that manufacturers often set up production lines for a material. Each batch of raw materials, before entering the factory to accept a series of testing, in line with the production standards can be used for the production of products. However, due to the primary processing plant is not standardized production, leading to different standards of primary processing products. Some manufacturers in order to ensure the stability of raw materials, often choose to import foreign raw materials. Li Puwang told reporters that the quality of rubber processing products (standard) affected by various factors. From planting varieties, to rubber farmers tapping process to the initial processing, will affect the final product quality standards and preliminary processing.” According to the reports, rubber farmers in the tapping process, can the pursuit of interests, add non glue to glue, increase revenue through adulteration. In order to stimulate agricultural or rubber tapping, non consciously to add non glue glue. In the beginning of the process in the process, each link is not standardized, each process control is not good, such as particle drying temperature difference, the quality of finished products may lead to the different initial processing. Reporters from the Hainan rubber group Jinfu processing factory to rubber processing is divided into two types. A standard, primary processing steps: fresh latex filtering, fresh latex solidification, mixing, conveying, granulation, crushed thin rubber particles for drying, automatic drying, drying after the finished product packaging, sent to the library. The processing of the emulsion through the centrifuge, through different speeds, centrifugal precipitation to obtain latex. However, the preservation of latex is a major problem facing the enterprise, the principle of latex with pure milk is similar to the preservation of good, latex will not be broken.” Li Puwang said. Li Puwang told reporters that the current domestic condoms as well as some large tire manufacturers, tend to import latex products from Malaysia as raw materials. The ability of the enterprise, and even choose their own overseas contract planting, processing raw materials to ensure product stability. A tire to be named simulation vaginal inverted membrane ultra sensual version High

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