How does the European spice market open the Chinese market

Editor’s note: Chinese is a consumer group has the largest country in the world, so both past and present, many foreign enterprises will be the development direction of the China as their own, even the taste of enterprise is no exception. Orion is one of the biggest sex toy retailer in Europe, headquartered in Germany, the past two years, Orion continues to expand the overseas market, because of the development trend of the past two years Chinese optimistic, so in 2016 from the beginning of settled Tmall international, launched its Chinese tour market. Elegant, hot, secretive, unrestrained, in the basic adult products just need market, not just need to appeal to the Chinese market is the birth of the fierce power. In 2016 three new board market, healthy, fun, his lover chunshuitang three fun supplies company became a unique landscape.

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