In the face of adult stores, parents should do a good job of sex education

Editor’s note: in the last two or three years, large and small adult shops with no one or no one have unwittingly spread all over the city. These adult stores have been controversial since they opened up, because many parents think adult stores are “influencing” children’s growth. But in a business world, there are many things that are inevitable for children to come into contact with. Adult goods stores meet the needs of some groups, and have their own market, it is impossible because of the child may have adverse effects and completely banned. Just like computers and mobile phones, they can also have bad effects on children, but we can’t ban computers or mobile phones. Their parents, as a positive response to “feel alarmed” do the child’s sex education. In June 26th, the public Ms. sun called the newspaper “people online” 96889677, said the door opened a “orange adult” adult supplies shop, shop furnishings will have an impact on the child’s health.

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