Let the fun out of the vulgar: two new focus on smart cat

Editor’s note: fun products in China can be said to be a new industry, because only in recent years began to get rapid development. But it is also a Manulife industry, because even making a simple product, use cheap materials, with a single function, low profile, there will be enough customers to buy. Because of this, manufacturers face huge demand and profits, No. After all, low-cost means high profits, the product can not be improved, it is impossible to have a healthy industry ecosystem. Vulgar more vulgar, inferior and inferior, will fall into a vicious cycle. People either smell discoloration, or without limit. Therefore, the adult products industry wants to continue to move forward to a higher class, we must have a breakthrough in the product. In the application software and business platform emerge in an endless stream of the moment, Yang Hao said, two cats will first focus on product development, continuous upgrading of products to bring the best experience and service, which will become the company’s core competitiveness. December 23rd -25, the 2016 China (Xiamen) gender health and Adult Industry Expo (SEXPO, hereinafter referred to as “color flapping Expo”) held in Xiamen Convention and Exhibition center. It is reported that this exhibition a total of nearly 100 amphoteric industry brand homogeneous appearance, intelligent technology, domestic cats fun supplies electricity supplier APP, he interested in gender authority leader Durex, Jissbon, the United States condom sexual health brand Duobao Mr. wonderful debut, the exhibition area of over 15 thousand square meters of exhibition, the audience of about 100 thousand people. In December 23rd, the reporter to interview two cats and CEO Yang hao. After the 85 Internet entrepreneurs has been more than ten years, from product design, research and development to promote, has a very rich experience. Not long ago, the company just got Angel round of financing. Today, he will be released at the exhibition of the first generation of the first generation of two cats ITOYSEX ANGEL. ITOYSEX ANGEL three highlights: remote control, intelligent control of evolution, release the first product ITOYSEX ANGEL’s data acquisition and development for more than a year, has not been available for three patents, received a lot of attention. Yang said to the guests, many products have only the basic functions, but also far from intelligent. The ITOYSEX ANGEL is to allow users to truly understand what is the use of the scene, personalized!” In the display process, the reporter saw, ITOYSEX ANGEL can accurately identify the user language and instructions to achieve the exchange of people and machines. Through voice control of the most simple, such as “fast” and “slow down”, “stop”…… Other terms, can control the intensity and frequency of contraction amplitude of the heart. This feature, no doubt to the long-distance love brought a great gospel, the woman in the middle of any change on demand, the man can be adjusted through the sound. In addition to the couple, the product also provides a stranger interactive scene, which is undoubtedly a single person’s benefits. The woman can throw his voice control, others through the application of the index, the two sides can easily match the experience. After the end, the system will automatically burn audio recording, leaving no trace, ensure privacy. Of course, the core of the product is also the place where its intelligent evolution function. Traditional fun supplies can not restore ergonomics, up to a few sets of manual mode, but ITOYSEX ANGEL can be automatically upgraded, unlimited close to the real sexual experience. “After all, the core of artificial intelligence technology lies in its deep learning ability,” Yang Hao said “we don’t have a fixed pattern, the product will body adaptive women respond by voice recognition, and in the process of the intense and cadence, every time after the end will continue to improve, finally evolved a set of best mode. Give your gear is not intelligent, your palm is smart!” Let the taste from vulgar, elegant taste toward before engaged in industry, Yang Hao also has a wealth of business experience, he founded the company in 2013 91 was acquired in 2014, R

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