Lulu founder Feng Huaping: the current reform of the condom

Editor’s note: when first proposed and initiated as China exotic lifestyle company in recent years will thrive, exotic “new life” and the concept of product penetration in the way to get in by every opening, to meet young people “to express themselves”. In recent years, similar functional phones like smart phones upgrade. When the founder think 1 condom will function like a mobile phone upgrade for exotic condom. Behind it is the expression of the desire of young people have their own emotional life needs. The wheel of history rolls forward, consciousness symbol of age big step. When 80, 90 after the stage of history, and gradually lead the tide, all walks of life are undergoing earth shaking changes. Cater to the world still follow the heart? A social choice Pumianerlai, young people quite decisively, they answered, self expression is what the world should look like.

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