Man too expensive to buy too expensive to buy 4 adult stores along the street

Editor’s note: since ancient times, no sexual life of husband and wife is not happy, finally will lead to marriage. However, this news men are too wonderful, in order to save money is, it is too expensive, even played a bad idea, four Adult supplies shop along the street theft, this behavior violated the law, small that in order to save a few dollars to theft, this too is not worth. The thief’s behavior really dumbfounding, he often delivered through these Adult supplies in a shop, bought Adult supplies after he was curious about these things, but the feeling is too expensive to buy, so they decided to steal, now is throw good money after bad, not only to be caught by the police the compensation. April to May this year, several Adult supplies store the Yangtze River on the road after. After the police investigation found that the original theft were the same person, the man was arrested before the day. larcener Zhu, April to May this year, he used a way of stealing four Adult supplies store “aircraft Cup” lubricating oil and other items. He explained that he often through the delivery of these adult stores, after a purchase of adult supplies, he was curious about these things, but also think that buying too expensive, so they decided to steal. After the theft, he took these adult supplies to take home the use of discarded. Before the day, Zhu on suspicion of theft has been transferred to the Shushan District Prosecutor’s office to arrest.

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