No longer embarrassed to buy condoms, vending machines appeared on the streets

Editor’s note: although in recent years, the people of the “sex” open a lot of ideas, but to allow them to be flexible or openly discuss the fun thing is still not possible. However, people are always full of curiosity for adult supplies, which makes adult vending machines more and more sought after by consumers. But for operators, although it is easy to operate, but the shop location is important, as this article will store vending machines placed in the hotel area, basically the source is very stable, the profit will become inevitable. Speaking of Adult supplies, how many will make most people feel shy”. But recently, self-service vending machines and supplies a stately monopoly to appear in the streets of Guiyang. This is the only way to promote the sale of adult products soon, its monthly turnover has been at least ten thousand yuan. Many businesses seize this opportunity, such a self-service shop in the streets of Guiyang, at least 7. cheap sexy costumes

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