Not only the upper half of the young, there is a happy chase

Abstract: anywhere and anytime: whether it is at work, home, shopping, swimming, yoga or running, you can sync and magnetic ball Wahaha do sports together, its size is just right, not embarrass you, big data it is waterproof in reality: 30% of women with vaginal relaxation in years of folds. The residual bacteria caused by gynecological disease; 40% of women with vaginal relaxation and color decline lead to sexual intercourse pain, vulvae and leakage of urine physiological symptoms; 60% women with age or birth and reduced sensitivity of sexual feelings of lack of passion; these data may not be a reference, but not frighten, the reason is very simple, just like the fitness and beauty of these rigid demand, each part of the body you need to exercise to maintain normal young, but the happiness index is just with this or more Or less relevant.

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