Official: EX double eleven crazy bargain Festival, send you another partner!

Editor’s note: since October, immediately bottomed out, the man let the woman scream, roaring Festival Double eleven also announced the upcoming, but this time, not only a woman can buy buy buy! Who said that eleven men cannot double black sheep? Figure EX simulation for the majority of men specially prepared a very good gift…… How time flies it a cool autumn rain the weather seems to be not the ultimate challenge in every hour and moment single dog such as overtime home dark room shaking bed 0″ not afraid… ..EX double eleven bargain day to send you another partner activities have started you plan to buy buy buy ready? EX-Pro series of each purchase one hundred to grab is luck not occur even in a hundred years, “EX-Pro UT145- UT145 UT145 series Utopia price: 9980 (single, sofa, color random) EX-Pro UK158 UK158 UK168 UK168 series of Ukiyo-e official pricing: 19800UK160 UK161 official price: 16800 src= “http:// activity price: 9980UK170 official price: 23800 activity price: 18600 (giving any of a series of Ukiyo-e vulture) Festival approaching at home I hug doll you choke tiger lion, lion dog, dog cat… Src= “<img" border= "0"

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