One year health loss of 71 million 900 thousand, exactly why

Editor’s note: with the growth of adult supplies market, according to the survey data of professional statistics department show that annual sales of adult supplies up to billions of dollars, of which only a billion dollars on the condom. At present, the market is growing at an annual rate of 63.9%, experts predict that with the gradual change in people’s attitudes, three to five years after the peak of the consumption of the consumer market. It is not that all enterprises can be Adult supplies to do fast, the answer is negative, if your product quality is, the sales will decline! One Polytron Technologies Inc (Stock Code: 835587 stock abbreviation: lovers of Health) is the capital market rare taste products production enterprises, in December 28, 2015 the company listed on the new board, become “fun supplies first”. Listed in the year, the company because of the “electric hip” series of new product quality problems resulting in a substantial loss of net profit, the annual report shows that the company in 2015 loss of 71 million 905 thousand and 800 yuan, the amount of loss doubled. 0″ sales is not expected to “financial investment newspaper” reporter found out, her health main business is the development, production and sales and comfort and ancillary products, products are divided into men and women comfort and personal care products in two categories. Set up early, the main business to overseas OEM. But the company is clearly not satisfied with this, the 2012 acquisition of well-known indirect lovers health reproductive health supplies company of foreign VastReseroucesIncdbaTop-coSales, obtained its founded in 1972, TopcoSales CYBER-SKIN and a series of trade names, trademarks, patents and other intangible assets and sales channels. At present, the company mainly export, internal and external sales ratio of about 1:9 in 2016. The company’s overseas sales mainly use WSM platform to implement, domestic sales mainly in self built or in the famous B2C website to achieve sales. At present, the company has formed a production base in China, with WSM company as an international sales platform, with B2C as the business layout of the domestic platform. High integration costs and operating costs for the company for 3 consecutive years of losses. 2013 loss of 73 million 210 thousand yuan, 2014 loss of 29 million 720 thousand yuan, in 2015 to reach 71 million 905 thousand and 800 yuan. The reason for a substantial loss in 2015, not because of the increase in financial costs caused by mergers and acquisitions, but because the company’s new products because of quality problems lead to sales of less than expected. In 2015, her health, in the maintenance of existing channels, the basis of existing products, adult sex toys to develop intelligence, mainly to launch virtual reality “Shakira” products. “Shakira” market operation, the early promotion is very successful, with the market demand rapid warming, Shakira products in the European market has not completed high standard quality requirements under the condition of mass production, resulting in complaints about the quality of mass production, sales failed to meet expectations, leading to a large backlog of related products; at the same time in order to promote “Shakira” series of products and lead to rising costs. In addition, due to the shift of focus of sales, resulting in the 2015 year of the original product sales decline. Impact of product quality problem is far-reaching, this company said: after the accident, the company immediately take measures to save and improve the product design, production process and quality standards, the introduction of the second generation products, replacing the customer and consumer complaints products. Take a positive explanation and guidance, and take a series of market restoration measures to minimize the loss to the minimum, restore market confidence. After the listing of two executives have left the concern is, at the end of December 2015 after the listing, less than 5 months from the listing time, lovers of Health issued a suspension notice. In April 29th, the company announced that due to “lovers can not be disclosed in 2015 annual report of Polytron Technologies Inc” within the prescribed time limit, to the National SME share transfer system of limited liability company shares of the applicant company in the National SME share transfer system to suspend the transfer. For the reasons for the delay, there are market participants to the financial investment news analysis may be due to the poor performance of the reason. This drag on until nearly two months, June 23rd lovers health released its 2015 annual report be long in coming. Indeed, the performance of the company a substantial loss. July 4th, the company’s stock to resume trading. In addition, two important post company executives listed on the new board in love to health, and chose to resign, resignation for personal reasons. January 4th, the board of directors received the resignation of the Secretary of the board of directors Zhou Zhaohui report, Zhou Zhaohui resigned after the company no longer serve other duties. Then, in March 18th, the company received a report submitted by the financial director Shen Zhiping resignation, Shen Zhiping resigned after no longer serve as the company’s other duties. The new successor was appointed at the fourth meeting of the first board of directors of the company in June 21st, considered by the appointment of Mr. Yu Yantao as the company’s chief financial officer and Secretary of the board. <img src="×400.jpg" alt="Tall

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