Orange adult domain too vigorous Adult supplies are like this?

Editor’s note: with the China economy more and more development, supplies industry is also increasingly full of youthful spirit, in recent years, people are no longer talking about sex, even more and more women have joined the industry, to know the market demand has been and is proportional to the huge user demand, once again proved the existence this kind of domain name value. To be in the center of the industry Adult supplies business, the domain name is not only reflected in the station just need, is the enterprise external drainage, important public relations to attract customers, but also makes great value, such as the domain has become an important asset of the company. Shisexingye, saying this China very good interpretation of the human instinct. With the development of globalization, brought no small change to our diverse world, Adult supplies gradually into the lives of ordinary people, is no longer what shame the obscure things. 0″ in the recently passed a good, called “orange adult” sex shop, found that the domain name on its signature below is really shocking to me. By this opportunity, good God today with everyone good inventory of the adult products and domain names of those things. Orange adults: a is enough orange adult is our old adult supplies mall, has been 17 years, it can be said that it is also a witness to the rise of China’s internet. Like a raging fire in the electricity industry today, it is also the best single characters enable not resigned to playing second fiddle, the domain name, hit a loud Internet sign for myself. Registered in 1997, the domain name, has been nearly 20 years of history. Single character x plasticity is strong, can refer to different types of sites, especially in the sex industry, X has been the focus of the symbol logo. For the sale of sexy supplies orange adults, the domain name is very fit. Short and own properties, also for the orange adult brand publicity save no small effort, can be said that this is the ten largest among the heavy weapon Chinese Adult supplies on the first. The so-called child does not bear the wolf, is the truth. In today’s Internet era may be overwhelmed at any time, how to make themselves become more logo, orange adults can be said to provide a good example. The localization of phonetic domain is also good single character domain name number of rare, expensive, like orange adults with nature is the dream of every terminal, but also do business website, have remained open, so some Adult supplies business is also to look at the very down to earth the phonetic domain, such as the following these: chunshuitang: Official domain name Founded in 2003, the hall has become the advocate of Chinese taste culture, “Spring House” three words is the meaning of our country the big words Feng Yansi’s romantic lyrics “wind up, blow a pond water”. Three spell domain name a good interpretation of the chunshuitang brand meaning, meaning clear, for consumers, quite recognizable. His interest: the official website of the domain name his interest in the mall to the main category of condoms. Troy, the United States, Japan Fuji die phase is rare in the international market of domestic brands. The same is the use of brand Larry domain, but compared with the former, COM domain name is not in the hands of a little regret. Fun Street: Fun street is a very young adult supplies business platform, just on the line this year. According to taste Street founder Li Xiangjun revealed that the three spell domain name is spent several hundred thousand dollars to buy, “fun street, who knows is related to fun supplies electricity supplier website, used to make the appropriate official website. Erotic domain has been deeply loved by the market with the liberation of the concept of modern people, the topic has gradually moved to the table. Erotic industry can be said to have been a potential outlet. Just last year, the “erotic” domain name to about 55 million 620 thousand yuan of high priced transactions, once packed into the history of the most expensive domain name in the first ten ranks. Known as the originator of the erotic domain name, when the $13 million transaction price is to break the Guinness world record, becoming the most expensive Internet domain name”. Erotic industry is hot, not only directly led to the value of the surrounding domain name, in 2011 is the introduction of the advantage of the opportunity to launch the domain name suffix.Xxx, set off a large overseas registration boom. Among them, once again to $3 million transaction, becoming the most expensive.Xxx domain name. gross sexual appetites love dolls

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