Sad: minors due to lack of sex education harm

Editor’s note: 2017 has been, many of them also ushered in the 00 years after the age of seventeen, although they have not yet reached the age of eighteen, but it also occurred early sexual behavior. It is understood that the minor sex is not a rare thing, a lot of 00 have sexual experience. It is undeniable that modern society has not in the past so conservative, so minor premature sexual behavior even if they fail to agree, but not too hard. However, there is no voice does not agree, does not mean that there is no harm. In our country, not only the minors, but also contains the majority of people’s sexual knowledge is very scarce, which is the number of unintended pregnancy and abortion. Abortion on the female body to bring the damage for the time being, premature birth will also have a huge impact on women’s body. So, early sex education, teach children the proper use of condoms is the right way to protect them. automatic pipe line and electric aircraft Cup dual stimulation a

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